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to the Explanation of the V o6t nine, &c. 41 f efh, that the Righteoufnef of the Law might be f ilfalled in us. The fin was made his, he anfwered for it, and the Righte- oufnéf which God requireth by the Law is made ours ; The Righteoufnefr of the Law is fill filled in us ; not by our doing it, but by his. This is that bleffed Change and Commutation wherein alone the Soul of a convinced firmer can find reft and peace. So he hath redeemed ur from the Curfe of the Law, being made a Curfe for us, that the bleffing of faithful Abraham might come upon us, Gal. 3. 13, 14. The Curfe of the Law contained all that was due to fin ; this belonged unto us. But it was transferred on him ; He was made a Curfe, whereof his hanging on a Tree was the fign and token. Hence he is faid to bear all our fins in his own Body upon the Tree, a Pet.!. 24. becaufe his hanging on the Tree was the token of his bearing the Curfe. For he that is hanged on the Tree is the Curfe of God, Deut. 21. 23. And in the bleffing of Faithful Abraham all Righteoufnef and Acceptation with God is inclu- ded , for Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for Righteoufnefs. But becaufe fome, who for Reafons bell known unto them- felves, do take all occafions to except againft my Writings, have in particular railed an impertinent clamour about fome- what that I formerly delivered to this purpofe,.I {hall declare the whole of my Judgment herein, in the words of fome of thofe, whom they can pretend no quarrel againft that I know of The excellent words of 7uflin Martyr deferve the firic place. ccuis 'J)ov úrov á7riAm AúTe91, 41,a1V2 %r áy401/ ávóp,uov, 7 axgrov .gyp vxmv, *Rya., 4ÿJ ctiJ}'xwv, r acp9ap-rov tizip' 4ÿJ avn7r2Y. T1. Y5 Zoo Tús ci,uap7ia.s ris.411/ ñAorian rjajpas ñ cxebe J}vg,tooúvn í cY 77Y1 d}Kg,iw,9ñvcu J}ívavov Toús civóh,cus siras xj einCe s ñ cv(.t óvr,.)TC;ú1.4i" ix `3i ; w 7rs yrvxaías äVTx><> ecyîis, w m s áv.rxvtäsu ti°st¡.uxgyí et; , 4i ?i% givroA ñ ov ivaglinc2v i iva ävo¡4 7ro).J.wv cv <1}0,íp :v1 xguoÇ, J}vg oo-úvi J ivas ,,róA.Txs ávóq,cxs a}}Katúon Epift. ad Diognet. He gave his Son a Ranfome for us 3 the G Holy J