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4 2 Cjenera!Confzderations previouf ly neceff ary Holy for Tranf"regs ; the Innocent for the notent; the Yuji for the unjuf ; the Incorruptible for the corrupt ; the Immortal for mortals. For what elfe could tide or cover our fins but his Righteoufnef ? in whom el fè could we wicked and ungodly ones be juflifred, or efieemed Righteous, but in the Son of God alone ? 0 SWEET PERMUTATION; or Change ! 0 un- fearchable Work or curious Operation ! 0 Bled Benefreence ex- ceeding all'Expeblation ! That the Iniquity of many fhould be hid in one Yuji one, and the Righteoufnefs of One fhould juf ifr"e many Tranf reffors. And Gregory Nyffon fpeaks to the fame purpofe. M5 ru3íis 3 ßÿs iuv7iv %r, P riuw"v áuccpnwv pú7r0e. P.4144x1 root . rás iays ry,9ae9m7Q-; xo vwyóv r, xnss cbiSflaczigl@" Orat. 2. in Cant. He bath transferred unto himfelf the filth of my fins, and communicated unto me his purity, and made me partaker of his Beauty. So. Aquiline alfo. Ipfe peccatum ut nos f uflitia, nec nofira fed Dei ; nec in nobis fed in ipfo, (icut ipfe peccatum non Jimmied nofirum,, nec in fe fed in nobis conflitutum. Enchirid. ad Laurent. cap. 41.6He was Sin that we might be Righteoufneff,not our own but the Righteoufnefs of God,not in our flues but in him. As he was Sin not bis own but ours ; not in bimfeif but in ua. The old Latine Tranflation rendring thole words, Pfal. 22. . inartw rim Verba delielorum meorum; He thus comments on the place. Ruomodo ergo dicit deliClorum meorum ? nifi quia pro deldtis nofiris ipfe precatur; 6- delitla noua, del t-la fua fecit, utjujiitiam foam noflram juflitiam faceret. How,: faith he, of my Sins ; becauf he prayeth for our Sins ; He made our Sins to be his, that he might mare his Righteoufnef to be ours. 71,7s y>vxhíus ärzatAxecyñs 5 O fweet Commutation and Change l` And Chryf f om to the fame purpofe ; on thofe words of the Apoflle, That we might be made theRighteoufnef?af God in him. noie- 7& 7vet7 u rz)'jsñaaas Avlicv -roi vxs; 7 ` d irytov, Qnoiva. 6raoÌNOYV áuetQ7wNóIt, Iva Y TÚs eé;.eurrwTisS 7N1i103f r)4,lus ücÉ>,AOV rÍíÌ óV di' ä17G1: amv ,. eiATá ä walac Ittç oP }-S ß tip 6A911xhv, ci),h' civniv 78(v 7l utmrra.. 5773703, iMsneu a`Iua47avav: á>ti,' dfavgTícL ávß N 11.4441tironu. pÓVOV,.