BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the DoEr. ine, &e. 59 foundations of it, it is impoffible to convince them of the Truth and Neceffity of that Juítification of a finnerwhich is revealed in the Goípel. Allow the Lord Chrift to be no other Perf n but what they believe him to be, and I will grant there can be no other way of Juf ifcation then what they de- clare ; though I cannot believe that ever any finner will be juffified thereby. Thefe are the iffues of an obflinate Refu- 61 to give way unto the Introduction of the myftery of God and his Grace, into the way of Salvation and our Relation unto him. And he who would defire an Inítance of the fertility of mens Inventions in forging and coyning Objections againft heavenly myíteries in the Juftification of the Soveraignty of their own Reafon as unto what belongs to our Relation unto God, need go: no farther then the Writings of thefe men againft the Trinity and Incarnation of the Eternal Word. For this is their fundamental Rule in things divine and Do- alines of Religion, that not what the Scripture faith is there- fore to be accounted true, although it feems repugnant unto any Real nings of ours,_ or is above what we can comprehend, but what feems repugnant unto our Reafon, let the words of the Scripture be what they will, that we muß conclude that the Scrip- ture doth not fay fo, though it feem never fo exprefly fo to do. .jtaq; non quia utrutnq; Scriptura dicat propterea Nec inter fe non pugnare concludendum efl ; fed potins quia Lee interfe pug - nant ideo alterutrum a Scriptura non dici flatuendum ft, faith Schliling. ad Meifn. de f. Socin. pag. 102. Wherefore becaufe. the Scripture affirms both thefe ( that is the Efficacy of Gods Grace and the Freedom of our Wills )- we cannot conclude from thence, that they are not repugnant ; but becaufe there things are repugnant unto one another, we mutt determine, that one of them is not fpoken in the Scripture ; no, it feems, let it fay what it will. This is the hanfomeft way they can take in advancing their own Keafon above- the Scripture, I 2 which