BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the DoErine, &e. 61, the yerrifh Rabbins on 1faiah chap. 53. and of the Socinians on the Beginning of the Gof el of yohn. Secondly, The fecond Branch of this Repugnancy fpringeth° from the want of a due comprehenfion of that Harmony which is in the myftery of Grace, and between all the parts of it This comprehenfion is the principal effe& of that Wifdom which Believers are taught by the Holy Ghoft. For our underftanding of the Wifdom of God in a'myftery is neither an Art nor a Science whether purely f jeculative 'or' more praílical, but a f f iritual Wifdom. And this fpiritual' Wifdom is fuch as underftands and apprehends things, not 1b much, or not only in the notion of them, as in their Power, Reality, and Efficacy towards their proper Ends. And there- fore althOugh it may be very few, unlefs they be learned, judicious, and diligent in the ufe of means of all forts, do attain unto it clearly and dif}in&ly in the 'Dodrinal notions of it ; yet are all true Believers, yea' the meaneft of them_ dire&ed and enabled by the Holy Spirit as unto their own pra&ice and duty, to 'ad fuitably unto a comprehenfion of this Harmony, according to the Promife that they (hall be a% taught of God. Hence thofe things which appear unto others contradi &ory and inconfiftent one with another, fo as that they are forced to offer violence unto the Scripture and their own ,Experience in the Reje &íon of the one or other of them, are reconciled in their minds, and made mutually ufe- ful or helpful unto one another, in the whole courfe of their Obedience. But there things muft be farther fpokenr.. unto. Such an Harmony as-that 'intended there is in the whole myftery of God. For it is the molt curious effe& and pro- dud of divine Wifdom 5 And it is no impeachment' of the Truth of it, that it is not difcernáble by humane' Keaton. A full comprehenfion of it no creature can in this world arife unto, Only in the contemplation of Faith, we may- art, rive_