BT763 O9 1677

k6 2 General Conf deratzai s previollfy necef ary rive unto filch an underftanding Admiration of it, as fhall enable us to give Glory unto God, and to make ufe of all the parts of it in praefice as we have occafion. Concerning it the Holy man mentioned before cryed out, á áys ;ixviásu J0e41eyy4as ; O unfearchable contrivance and operation ! And fo is it expreffed by the ApofilL, as that which hath an unfa- thomable depth of' Wifdom in it, Z,¢á9©-laxxTU, &c. O the Depth of the Riches both of the Wifdom and Knowledge of God; how nnfearchable are his ways and his Judgments pall finding out, Rom. i T. 33, 34, 35, 36. fee to the fame purpofe, Eph. 3- 8, 9, to. There is an Harmony, a füitablenefs of one thing unto ano- ther in all the works of Creation. Yet we fee that it is not perfectly nor abfolutely difcoverable unto the wifèft and molt diligent of men. How far are they from an Agreement about the order and motions of the Heavenly Bodies, of the Sym- pathies and Qualities of fundry things here below, in the Relation of Caufälity and Efficiency between one thing and another. The new difcoveries made concerning any of them, do only evidence how far men are from a juft and perfect comprehenfion of them. Yet fuch an univerfal Harmony there is in all the, parts of nature and its operations, that nothing in its proper ftation and operation is deftruftively contradi- Crory either to the whole, or any part of it, but every thing contributes unto the prefervation and ufe of the Univerfe. But although this Harmony be not abfolutely comprehenfible by any, yet do all living Creatures who follow the conduit or infiind of Nature make ufe of it, and live upon it, and without it neither their Being could be preferved, nor their Operations continued. But in the myflery of God and his Grace the Harmony and fuitablenefs of one thing unto another, with their tendency unto the fame End, is incomparably more excellent and glo- rious then that which is feen in nature or the, works of it. For