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The iniquityof ImpQCng Conditions on God's Purpofes. C.A r.111.55: zo. at all, that they (hall never be f eparated from the Love o, fçhrifi, that they fhall 6 t be made conformable to him in Glory, notwithftanding all oppoftion, upon the account of thedifpenfation of Gods Eternal! and. A&uall Love towards them, when the whole of their ufefulneffé to theEnd propofed, , is refolved ultimately into themfelves and their endeavours;and not intoanypurpofeor A&ofGod? Such as is the foundation, fuch is the ftrengthofthe whole buil- ding. Inferences canhave no more ftrength, then thePrinciple from whence they are deduced; Ifa man (hould tell another, that if he will goe a Journy ofahundred miles,at each twenty miles end,hefhall meet with fuch and fuch refrefhments: all the confolation he can receive upon the account ofrefrefh- ment provided for him,is proportioned only to the thoughts he hath ofhis own ftrength forthe performance ofthat Journy. Farther, Ifin fuch Expre((ions of the Purpofed Workes ofGod, we may put Cafes, and truft in what fuppofalls we think good, where there is not the leaft jot, Title, or syllable of them in theText, nor any roome for them, without deftroying, not only the defigneand meaningofthe place , but the very fenceofit; why may not we doe fo inother undertakings ofGod , the certainty ofwhofeEvent, depends upon his Purpofe and Promife only ? For inftance, TheRefurre&ionof the Dead; may wenot fay God will raife up the dead inChrift, in cafe there be anyneceJjty that their bodies fhouldbe glorified? What is it altothat remaines ofpraife to the Glorious grace ofGod ? This is all he effe&s by it: in cafe men obftru& him not inhis way , it dothgood. God calls men toFaith and Obedience: in cafe they &lim&not his way, it (hall doe themgood; But how doe they obf}ru&his way ? 13y Unbeliefe, and Difobedience : take them away , and Gods calling fhall be effe&uall to them: that is in cafe they Believe andObey, Gods Calling (hall beeffea-ttall to caufe them toBelieveand Obey. TheCafes then foiftedinto the Apoflles difcourfe, in the clofe ofthis In- 4. 20, terpretation ofthe place (WI may fo call it) namely, that Godwill juftify the Called, in cafe theypbrirua not his way; and will glorify themwhom he bath juftifled, in cafe theycontinne and abide in the ftate ofJuftification, are thruft inwithout Ground, Warrant, orColour of Advantage, orocca- fìon given by anything in the Text, or Context : and, Secondly, are deftru- dive to thewhole defigne ofthe Holy Ghoff in the place whereinto they are intruded: injurious to the Truth of the Affertion intended tobe made good, that all thingsfhall work, together for Good, propofed upon the account of the unchangeable purpofeof God, and infallible Connexion of the Ads ofhisLove andGrace in the Purfuit thereof: and refolve the promifed work and defignedevent, wholly into the uncertaine lubricous wills of men, ma- king the Affurance given, not only to belyable to juft Exceptions, but evi- dently to faile, and befalfified in refpe&ofthoufands : and, Thirdly, render the whole difpenfation of theGrace of God to Lackey after the Wills of Men, and wholly:todepend upon them, Giving in thereby (as was faid) In- numerable Prefumptions, that the word, for whofe Confirmation all thefe A&s ofGods Grace are mentioned and infifted on, fhall never be made good nor eftablifhed. Take then in few words the fence and fcope of this place , as 'tis held out in the Expofition given ofitbyM. Goodwin, and weewill then proceed to confider his Confirmations ofthe fail Expofition; Ohyou that Love God, many Alifiions, Temptations, andoppofitionsye ¡hall meet withall, but beofgood com- fort, allPall work together for your Good, forGodbath appóynted you to be like beSonne, andyou tray triumph inevery Conditionon this account;for ifyee be- foreany Allo fhisfpeciall Gracetowardsyou, Love Moss, heAppróvesyou, andthen. I 3 he