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C A p.111,§:21,z2. Mt G's firs attempt toproove the Decreesof God to 62 hePredeflinatesyou (what that isIknownot) then it is inyour power toconti- nue to lovehim, or to doe otherwife: ifye abide not, then ye perifi; ifye abide, he will'call you: and when he doth fo , either ye may obey him, oryemay not; i f you doenot, allthings'hall worktogetherfaryour hurt, and ye will-be like the Devill ifyoudoe, then be willjujlifyyou, and thenifyou abide with him , as perhaps ye may;perhapsye may not,hewillfinallyyuflify you; and then all f all bewell. This being the fubftanceof theInterpretation ofthis place here given, let us now confider how 'tis confirmed. 4 2r That,which in his own termeshe undertaketh to Demonftrate,&to vindi- cate fromall Objeftions in his enfuing Difcourfe,he thus expreffeth, pag.209. Sea:43. Thefe Decrees orpurpofed ActsofGod here fpecifled, are to be underjiood in theirfuccej zve dependencies, with fetch a condition or provifò refectively, as thofe mentioned; andnot abfolutely,peremptorily, or without Condition. Anf. The impofing of Conditions and Provifoes, upon theDecrees and Purpofes of Gott, of which himfelfe gives not the leafs intimation , and the fufpending them, as to theirExecution , on thofe conditions fo invented and impofed, at thefirft viewrefiecîs fo evidently on the Will,Wifdome, Power, Pre- fcience, and UnchangeableneffeofGod, who hath faid,his Purpofes'hall ftand, andhe will doe all his Pleafùre,efpeciallywhen the Interruption of them dothfruftratethewhole defigneand acne ofGod in the mentioningofthofe Decrees and Purpofesofhiss that there will be need of Demonftrations Written with theBeames oftheSunne, to inforce men, tender, andregardful) of theHonour and GloryofGod , to clofe with any in fuch an undertaking; letus then confiderwhat is produced to this end, & try ifit will hold weight in the ballanceofthe Sanituary. This, faith he, appears, Firfr, r. By the like Phrafeor manner of expreffion, frequent in the Scripture elfe- where. Imeane, whenfilch Purpofes or Decrees of God, the ref ective Execution whereof arefufpended uponfuch andfach conditions; are notwitbflandingJim_ ply and pottively, .without any mention of Condition, exprefed and aferted. Wherefore the Lord Godoflfrael faith; I laid indeedthat thy Houfe,and the Houleofthy Fatherfhall'walke before mee, (meaning in the Office and Dignity . ofthe Prieïthood)for ever. Butnow faiththeLord, be itfarrefrom me; I laid indeed, that is, IverilyPurpofed or Decreed,or IProm/fed; at comes much to one; When God made thePronàife andfodeclared his Promife accordingly, that Eli and his Fathers houfe'Mouldwalke before him for ever, he expreffèd no condition, as' required to the Execution or performance ofit, yet here it plainly appears, that there was a condition underfíood ; In the[line kindof Dialea Samuel[peaks to Saul; Thouhaft done foolifhly, thou haft not kept the Commandement of the Lord thy God; for now the Lord had-eftablifhed thy Kingdome upon If- rael for ever; but now thy Kingdome (hall not continue: theLord had ofa blifhed,that is he verily purpofed, or decreed to eflablifh itforever , to wit, in cafe his pofleriiy had walkedobediently withhim. 4.22. Here we have the ftrength(as will be manifeft in theprogreffe ofour Dif courfe) ofwhat Mr Goodwinbath, tomakegood his former ftrangeAfferti-, on;Whether it will amount toaneceffary proofeor no, may appeare upon thefe enfuing Confiderations. I. Firfi: TheReafon intîmated,beíng taken neither from theText under debate, nor the Context, nor anyother place, where any concernement of theDoárine therein contained, is touched, or pointedat, therebeing alto no Coincidence of phrafe or expreflion in the one place and the other here compared: I cannot but admirebywhat Rules ofInterpretation M. Goodwin doth proceed, to make oneofthere places exegetical/ of the other. Though , this wayofArguing bathbeen mainly, and almoft fòlely infifted onof late, by