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The Difpropprt:between the Texts comparedby M.G. CAP. 111.4:26,z7. ßnd fuck cafes , is aplaine Contradiction; The purpofe is ofExecution , and 67 tò fay,he purpofed not the Execution ofhis Purpofes, is to fay plainly, he purpofed and purpofednot, or he purpofed not what he purpofed. The ex- amples ofPharaoh,and Abraham, in the preceptsgiven to them, are proofes oftheformer: but I muff not infìft upon particulars: This then is all that here is intended. God making a Law, a Statute aboút the continuance ofthe Priefthood in theFamily ofAaron , affirmes, that then hefaid hisHoufe fhould walke before him for ever, thatis, with Approbation and Acceptation: for as to the right ofthe Priefthood, that Rill continued in the Houfe ofAaron,whileft it continued , notwithftanding the ejection Of Eli andhis. Now whether there were any conditions in the promife made, which is Mr Goodroins fecond improvement ofthis inflance,mayappearefrosü the Confidetationofwhat bath beenfpoken concerningit. It is calleda Law, and Statute, the Aé1: on that Account, what everit were,that Godhere points unto, isbut a Morali legislative A&, and not a Phyfcall determining Aft of theWill ofGod; andbeinga LawofPriviledge in its own nature, it involves a condition, which the Afts of Gods Will vitals and eternall,wherewith this Law is compared, doe openlydifavow: Let us now fee theparalleli between the twoplaces infifted. on, for the Ex- planation ofthe former ofthem , which as it will appeare by the fequell, is theonly Buckler, wherewith Mr Goodwin defends his Hypothefi.r, from their- refiftibleforce ofthe. Argument, wherewith he hath todoe. Firfi, the one fpeakes of things spirituali, the other of Temporal& Secondly, The oneòf what God will doe, and the other of he approves to be done, being done. Thirdly,The one holds out Gods Decree,and Purpofe concerningE- vents, the otherhis Law,and Statute concerning duties. Fourthly,The onenot capableof interpofing Conditionalls, without perverting the whole defigne ofGod revealed in that places theother direftlyincluding conditions. Fifthly, The one fpeakingof things thesnfelves5 the other only ofthe manner ofa thing. Sixtly, In theone, God holdsout what he will doe forthe Good of his,upon the account of the Efficacyof his Grace ; In the other, what men are to doe,ifthey will be approved ofhim; And how oneofthefe placescan be imagined to be fuited for the illuftration,andinterpretationoftheother, which agree neither in name, nor thing, word, nor deed, purpofe, nor defigne, muff be left to the judgmentsofthofe, who defire to ponder thefethings,and toweigh them in the ballanceof the San&uary. The other inftances in theCafeofsaul andPaul, being moreheterogeneóus to the bufineffe inhand, then that ofEli which went before, require not any particular help for the removall ofthem out ofthe way. Though theyare Dead, as to the end for which theyare produced: I prefume no true Ifraelite in the purfuitofthat Sheba in the Church,the Apoflacy ofSaints, will be retar- ded in his way, by their being call before Mew. Inbriefe, neither the Connexi- on ofobedience, and luredRewards, as in the cafeofSaul;.nor thenecefsity ofmeanes fubfervient to the Accomplifhmentof purpofes themfelves alto .falling under that purpofeof hiin, who intends the end, and the fulfillingof it, as in the Cafeof Pau!, areofthe leafs force to perfwade us, that theEter- nail Immanent A/`isofGods will, which he purfues by the Effe&uall irrefiflible Alesofhis Grace, fo tocompaffetheend, which he bath from everlafling de- terminately refolved tobring about, are fufpended upon imaginary Condi- tions, created in the braines ofmen, and (notwithftanding their Evident in- confiftency with the (copeoftheScripture, and defigneofGod therein)intru- ded into fuch TextsofScripture, as on all hands, (which will be evident in the fequell of this Difcourfejare fortified againftthem, K 2 Betides 4 26.