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C A?.I11.§:2S. Condit. Purpofes not to beargued from condit. Threats, 68 Betides, inthe Cafe of Paul,though the infallibility of the Predi&ion did not in the leaft prejudice the Libertyofthe Agents, who were tobe imployed for its accomplifhment, but left roome for the Exhortation ofPaul, and the endeavoursofthe Souldiers,yet it cutts offall pofiibility ofa contrary event and all fuppofall ofa difjunetive purpofe in God,upon the accoinptwhereof he cannot predi& the iffue,or event of any thing whatfoever. But of this more largely afterward. But this is fartherArgued by Mr Goodwin , from the purpofes of God in 4, 28. his threatnings,in thefe words. Mofi frequently the purpofe andDecree of God, concerning the punifhment ofwickedand ungodly men, is expreffed by the Holy Ghofl, abfolutelyandcertainly, without the leafy mentionofany condition, of re- laxation or reverfion :yetfrom otherpafages ofScripture it isfully evident , that this Decree ofhis is conditional/, infuchafence, which importsa non-executionof the punifhment therein declared, upon the repentance ofthePerfons, againfi wheat the Decree is. In like manner though thepurpofe and Decree of God, forthejufli- ficationofthofe whoare called, (andföfor the Glorifyingof thofe that(hallbe 7u- flifzed) be (in the Scripture in hand) delivered in an abfolute and unconditioned forme ofwords;yet is it no way neceffary tofupofe, (themofifamiliar frequent, and accuflomedexprefon in scripturein fach cafes, exempting usfromany f ich necefty) that therefore theft Decreesmuff needs bring forth againft allpofble interveniences whatever;fa that (for example) he that iscalled by 'the.Wordand Spirit, muff needs be uffified, whether he trulyBelieve or no andhe that is fu- flifted mull needsbeGlorified, whether he Perfevere or no. Anf. I. That theThreatnings ofGodare moral/ A&s, not declarative, as toParticular Perfons,of Gods Eternall. Purpofes, but fubfervient toother ends togetherwith the Law it felfe,whereof they are a Portion;(as theavoy- ding ofthat for which men are threatned) is knowne. They are Appendixes ofthe Law,and in their Relation thereunto,declare the Connexion,thatis be- tweeneSinne and Pnnifhment,fuch Sinnes andfuch Punifhments 2. That the Eternall Purpofes of God concerning the workes of his Grace,are tobe meafuredby rule and Analogyofhis Temporal! Threatnings, is an Affertion firiking at the veryRoot ofthe Covenant of Grace, andeffi- cacy of the Mediation of the Lord Jefus, yea at the very being OfDivine Perfe&ionsofthe nature ofGod himfelfe. This there is indeed in all Threat.. ningsdeclared of the abfolute Purpofe,and Unchangeable Decree of God, that all impenitent finners fhall be punifhed , according to what in his Wif- dome; and Righteonfneffehe bath apportioned out unto fuch defervings,and threatneth accordingly. In this regard there i§ no Condition, that doth, or can(in the leafl)importa non-executionof the Punifhment Decreed; Neither do anyofthe Texts cited in the Margent ofour Author, proove any fuch thing. They.all indeed pofitively affirme , Faithlefe, Impenitent unbelievers hallbe Deftroyed, whichno fuppofall whatfoever, that takes not away the Subje&ofthe Queftion, (and foalters the whole thing in Debate) can in the leaft infringe. Suchaffertions(Ifay)are parts ofthe LawofGod revealinghis will inGeneral], to Punifh impenitent Unbelievers, concerning which his Purpofe is abfolute,Unalterable,andStedfaft. Theconclufion then,which Mr Goodwin makes, isapparently racked from the words , by flretching them upon the unproportioned bed of other Phrafer,andExpreffions wholly Heterogeneous to the defigne in this place in- tended, Added here are fuppofed Conditions in generail, not once explay- ned tokeepe them from being expofed to that fháme that is due unto them, when their (intrufion without all order or warrant fromHeaven)fhail be manifefted;only wrapped up in the Clouds ofpoffible Interveniences,when the A&s