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C A p.I11.§:50,3 M. G's firft Argument againfl theInfallible 7G Context in all the parts ofit,univerfally correfpondent unto it felfe; I know not how,or when or by what Rules we may have the leaft certainty , that wee have attaind the knowledgeof the minde ofGod in any one place of Scripture whatever. s. 3o. What he next obje&s to himfelfe, namely that though there be no Condi- tion expreffed, in the in fiances by him produced,yet there are inparallellplaces,by which they are to be expounded, (but fuchconditions as thefe, arenot expref fed in any place , that anfwers to that which we haveinhand ) it being by hirnfelfe, (as I conceive.) invented to turneus afide from the Confideration of the irrefiftible efficacyofthe Argument from this place, (which ufe he makes ofit in his firft anfwer given to it) I owne not : and that becaufe I am fully affured, that in any promifewhatfoever,that is indeed Conditional], there is noneed to enquireout other Scriptures ofthe like import , to evince it fo to be all and every ofthem that are fuch, either in expreffe termes, or in the matter whereof they are, or in the Legali mannerwherein they are givenand ena&ed, doe plainly and undeniably hold out theConditions enquired after. His threefold Anfwer to thisObje&ion, needs not todetaine us:Pafiing on( I hope) towhat is more ntateriall and weighty.He tells us Firft (Sea.44. ) that if thisbe fo, then it mull be tryedout by other Scriptures , andnot by this : which Evafion I can allow ourAuthor to infift on , as tending to fhift his hands of thisplace, which I am perfwaded in the Confideration ofit , grew heavy on them. But I cannot allow it tobe aplea in this Contefc , as not owning the Obje&ion which it pretends toanfwer. The two following Anfwers , being not an a&uall doing of any thing, butonly faire and large promi-fes ofwhat Mr Goodwin will doe , about anfwering other Scriptures, and evincing the Conditionallsintimated from fuch others, as he fhali produce;( fome,.doubt- lefie will think thefe promifes nopayment, efpecially fuch as having weighed Many formerly tendred for reali payment, have found it too light) I (hall let them lye in Expe&ation oftheir accomphf iment. Ruf%iene expeïlat &e. In the meane time, ( till Anfwers come to hand)Mr Goodwin proffers to 4' 3r' próoveby two Arguments, (onecleare Anfwer had been more faire) that thefeA&s ofGod, Calling, juflification, and fo the reft,have no inchConnex- ion betweene them, but that the'one of ofthem may be taken, and be put in execution,and yet not the other, in refile& ofthefame perfons. His firft Keafon is this: If theApofllefhouldframe this seriesor Chaim ofDi-' vine Aiis,with an intent to fbew or teach the uninterruptiblenefe of it , inwhat cafe, or cafesfoever, hefbouid fight againji his Generali, and mainfeope orde- fgne in that part of the chapter,wbich lyeth from v.57. Which clearely is this, to encourage them to conflancy, andPerfeverance in fuffering affliaions.For tofug- gefl anyfach thing,asthat being Called&Juflified,nothing could hinder themfrom beingGlor9fled, were to furnifh them with a ground, on which to neglect his ex- hortation.,for whowill beperfwaded tofiferTribulation for the otaining ofthat, which theyhavefufcient *trance given, that they fhall obtaine,whether they fuffer filch things or no: therefore certainely theApofile did not intend here to teach the certainty ofPerfeverance in thofe that are 7uflificd. Anf. Anf. That this Argument is of fuch a Compofition as not to operate much in the cafein hand, will eafilyappeare; For i. Firft, thofe expreflions[inwhatCafe or Cafesfoever]are foyfted into the fence, and fentenceofthem, whom heoppofes;whoaffirme theMrs ofGods Grace here mentioned to. be effe&ually and vertuálly Preventive of thofe cafes, and ofwhichmight poffibly give any Interruption to the Series of them. 2. Secondly, Whatfoever is here pretendedofthe saamnefcope oftheChap. - ter,