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Ezek,11,i7,18,t9,so. Confidered. CA r.IVßax. called his making of,or entring into Covenant, needs no labour toprove. 103 But (faith he) §.12. 3. ThisPromife is the faine withthatof Fzek.rt.17,t8,19,20. which Promife notwithftanding, it is faid v.21. But asfor them whole heart walketh after the heart of their detef$able things, and their abominations, Iwillrecom- penfe their wages upon their heads5fo that, notwithffanding thisTeeming Pro- mife (as is pretended) ofPerfeveranceinGrace,they maywalke after theirabomi- nable things, for this threatning intends thefame Perfons or Natieoic(ai' Calvin himfelfe confeffeth)the Ifraelites. "Inf. I Grant that this is the fame Promife with the other, howwill itap- peare that this is not a Promife offilch an enterpofure of the Spirit and GraceofGod, as (hall infallibly produce the effe& of Perfeverance ? Why? Becaufefonseare threatnedfor following the Heart of their abominable things. Yeabut how (hall it appear that they are thefame Perfons with them, to whom the Promife is made ?TheContextis plaincly againft it: faith he, i will give them a Heart to walke in my statutes and ordinances, to doe them:butfor them that walke after their owne Hearts,them Iwill deliroy, in as cleare adi- ftin&ion oftheObje& ofthe Promife, and threatning as is poffible. Saith Mr Goodwin, this Threatning concernes the fame Perfons or Nation; the fame Nation, but not the fame Perfons in that Nation: but Calvin faith that it concerneth the Ifraelites: But Paul bath told us, that they are not all ifrael who are ofifrael , not all Children of the Promife, who are Children ofthe &íh. And 2. Ifit doe any way concerne thePerfons towhom that Promife is given, it is an expreffion fuited to the difpenfation ofGod, whereby he carrieth Believers on in the enjoyment ofthe good thingshe gives them in and by his Promifes, without the leale predi&ion of any event , being only declarative ofwhat the Lord abhorreth, and the connexion that is between the Antece- dent and the Confequent ofthe axiome, wherein it is contained : and is farre from the nature of thofe Promifes, which hold out the Purpofe or Intention ofGod, with theengagingofareallefficacy for their accornplifhment. He adds. 4. If thisbe a Promifeofabfolute Perfeverance, no time norfeafoncanbe ima- gined, wherein it wasfulfilled. Anf. At all times andfeafons to them,to whom it wasmade, according to their concernment in it. But faith he, i. It hath beenprovedthat it was made tothe communityofthe lewdNati- on, towardwhom it was not fulfilled, Anf, r. It bath been faid indeed, againe and againe,but (carte once attempted to be proved: nor theReafoning of theApoflle againft forcepre- tended proofesand Anfwers to them, at all removed, 2. It was fulfilled to the Bodyofthat Nailon, as farre as it concerned the Body ofthat Nation, in their Typicall returne from their captivity. But then, 2. Ifthisbe thefence,it wasfulfilled in the captivity as well as afterward, for youfay the Saints alwaies Perfevere. Anf. r. TheTypicall part ofit was not then accompli(hed. a. It isgranted,that as to the Spirituali part ofthe Covenant ofGrace, itwas at all times fulfilled to them, which is now evidently promifed toe- ftabli(hthem In the Affurance thereof. Wherefore it is, ,. Argued (Se&. 53.)That thefe words, Twill give them one Heart,that they fball not departfromme, maybe as well rendred that they may not depart from me) andfo itisfaid in the verfe foregoing,that they may,feare mefor ever. Anf,