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CA P. I V.ß:tz. M. G's Inferences weighedTheProm.alwaies fulfilled 104 Anf. r. Suppofe thewords may be thus rendred, what inconvenience will enfue?Either way they evidently & beyond exception defigneout the End ai- med at byGod; andwhen God intends an Entb or Event; fo as toexert a re- all efficiency for the compaffing of it, to fay that it (hall not be ,infallibly brought about, is an Affertion, that many have not as yet had the.:boldneffe to venture on. ..But faith he: 2. The wordsfo read doe not necefarily import the alluall event or taking place; oftheeffect intendedof God in the Promìfe,and hisperformance thereof, but only his intention itfelfe in both theft, and thefufft'cieìacyof the meantallow- edfor the producingfuch an eeee1: but it is ofthefitme nature with that, thanour Saviourfaith Iohn 5.34. thefe things Ifayunto you,that yee might bePaved:And that ofGod toAdam Gen:3.1o,r a. All which.things were in like manner infi- fted on by the Remonfirants at the Hague Colloquie., Anf It is not amifle that our contefis about the fenceof this place of Scripture,are at length come to the fiate and iffue hereexpreffed. It is grant- ed, the thing promifed, and that according to the intendment ofGod, is Per- feverance : but that there is any neceffity that thisPromìfe of God Ihould be fulfilled, or his intentionacconiplifhed , that is denied. Were itnot, that I fhouldprevent my felfe , in what will be more feafonable to be handled, when we come to the conuiderationofthe Promifes ofGod,I Ihould very wil- lingly ingagehereinto theproofe ofthis Affertion : When Godpurpofeth or intendeth an event, andpromifeth to dire it:, to that end putting forth and exerciling an efficient reali power, it fhall certainly be accomplifbed and brought to piffle; neither can this be denied without calling the greatefi re- proach ofMutability, Impotency, and breach ofWord trpon the mofi Holy, that is poffible for any man todoe; Neither doe the Remonfirants, nor Mr Good- win acquit themfelves from a participation in fo high a crime, by their in- fiance ofGen. 3.10,1 1. where a Commandof God is only related to expreffe his duty towhom it was given, not in the leali aflerting any intention of God about theevent; or Promife,, as to the meanes ofits Accomplifhment. Nor cloth that oflohn 8.28 give them anymore afffanceintheir fad underta- king to alleviate the truth ofGod. A meanes of Salvation in its own nature and kind fufficient is exhibited, which afferts not an infallible neceflityof e- vent, as that cloth which in this place is afcribed to God. But it isadded. 6. (Se&. 5.1.) The continuance ofexternal[andcivill profperity to the yewifb Nation may much more colourably be arguedfrom hence, then the certainty of theirPerfeverance inGrace: fir thefe thingsare neofi exprefly promifed, verfes 39, 40. andyet wefind that upon their nonperformance of the condition, they are be- come the moll contemptible andmiferable Nation under Heaven: certainly then the Spirituali Promifes here mug alfo depend on conditions,whieb ifnotfulfilled, they alfo maycomeflors ofperforsnance. Anf: r. Rom: IL 25, 26, 27. 2. Thefe Temporali Promifes were ful- filled unto them , fo farre as they were made to them, that is, as they were Typecall, and what is behindofthem, fhall be made good in due time. 3. All thefePromifes are, and were in their chiefefi and moll eminent concern- ments(even the fpirituall thingsPet forth by allulons to thegood land,where- in they lived) compleatly and abfolutely fulfilled to them all, and every one, towhom theywere properly and direlymade, as the Apofile abundantly proveth Rom:9. ro,r i. 4. Whereas there are twofpeciall fpirituall Promi- fes here expreffed, one ofConverton, the other of Perfeverance, I defire to knowon what condition their accomplifhment isfufpended ? On what con- dition will God write his Law in their hearts? On condition they heare him, and obey hi n,fufer his mercies and kindneffér to work kindly on then ; that is , on condition