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CA P:1 V4:t8, ThePromife rendredvoid by M. G's ExpoSition. I Io feti mentioned, but that he wouldgrantfuckmeaner; aa. wereproper to createfuch a heart in them. Anf. The neet'er thebottome, the more Cower Lees. Firft, DothGod fore- tell the coming to paffe of things future, upon a probable conje&ure , which is here affignedto him? Isthat .the Intendment ofthe expreffion in the Para- ble,they will reverencemy sonsOr was he miftaken in the Event, the thing fall. ing out contrary to his expeCtation ? Or is thereany thing in this, or the plaèe mentioned Deut:t7.I2,13. but only an expreffion of the duty ofmen, upon the account ofthe meanes offered ? Is there'any the leaft intimation of any Intent and purpofe ofGod, as to the Events infiftedon ? Any Promifeof his effe&uallworking for theaccomplifhingof them ? Any Predit`fionupon the account 'ofhis Purpofe and Defigne, which are the foundationof all his Pre- di&ións? Or is thereany the leaft correfpondency in .name,or thing between, the places now inftanced in, and called in for reliefe, with that under confi- deration ? This then isthe finewofMr Goodwin arguing in this place: fome- timeswhen there is meanes offered men for the performanceof aduty , the accomplifhment ofit is fpoken of,asofwhat ought tohave fucceeded; and it is.the fault ofinen towhom that duty is prefcribed, and thefe meanes indul- ged, ifit come not to paffe: therefore when God propofeth, and prorisifeth to work andbring about fuch, and fucha thing, and engageth himfelfe to a reali efficiency in it, yet it may come to paffe, or it may not, it may be accom- plifhed,or God may faile in his intendment. a.. The fenfe here given to the promife of God, I will give them one heart 6c. hath been formerly taken into confideration, and it bathbeen made toappeare, that notwithftanding all the glorious Expreflions : of Gods Ad- mintffration ofmeanes toworkmen into the frame intimated , yet upon the 7 matter, the intendment of the Expofition givenamounts to this,though God faith, he will give :isa new heart, yet indeed he doth not fo give it to anyone in the World, nor ever intended todoe fo; but thisnew Heart, men muff cre- ate, snake, and worke out themfelves,upon themeanes afforded them, which beingvery eminent, are faid to create Inch hearts in them, though they doe it not,but only perfwade men thereunto: AComment this is, not much unlike the firft that everwas made upon the words of GodGen: 4. g. Whether Cod, or man, create the newHeart, is thematter here in Qüef}ion. . Forwhat he laftly affirmes, That if this he a PromifeofAbfolute Perfeverance, it is inconfglent with all the Prophefresof the Rejeo`lion of the Janes, -which are accordinglyfulfilled. I muff referre him toS' Paul, who hath long agoeunder= taken to anfwer thisObjeélion, from whom ifhe receivenot fattsfaftion,what am 1, that I fhould hope to affordthe leaft unto him? And thefe are the Reafonings,upon the account whereof Mr Goodwin dif- chargeth this TextofScripture, by venue of his Aitocratoricall power in de- cidingControverfiesofthis nature, from bearing Teftimony in this caufe any more. Whether hewill be attended unto herein, time will thew. Many At- tempts to the fame purpofe haveformerly been made, and yet it endureth the tryall. 4 s8. I have thus turnedafide to the confideration of the Exceptions given in to the ordinary interpretation of this place , leaft any fhould think that they were waved upon the account oftheir ftrengthand efficacy to overthrow it. The Argument I intended from the words,for the liability ofGodsLove and Favour toBelievers,upon the account ofhis Covenant-engagement,is not once touched in any ofthem. Thefewords then yeeld a Third Demonftration of the Stedftaftneffe and Unchangeableneffe of Acceptation of Believers in Chrift