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CAP. V. Chrifl,upon theaccount ofthe Abfolute Stability ofthat Covenant ofGrace, s r t whereof Godsingagement tobe their God, and never forfakethem, is an e- minent portion. g'r11 YAW ''á75i,+R `'ír®iii'e5a`éi5v GAP. V. I. Entrance into the Argument fromthe Promifes of God, with their ¡lability, and his Faithfulneffe in them. z. The ufuall Exceptions to this Argument. 3. Agenerall defcription ofGofpellPro- mifes. 4. Why,andon what account called Gofpeil-Promifes : Thedefcription given,generall; not fuited toany fingle Promife. 5. Theyare free: and that they are -fo, proved. all flowing from the firfigreat Promife ofgivinga Reifeemer. 6. How they aredifcoveries of Gods good- will: How made toSinners: confequentiall Promifes made allo to Believers. y. Given in, and through Chrift: in a Covenant ofGrace. Their certaintyupon the Account of the engagement of the Truth and Faithfulnelfe of God in them:of the main matterof thefe promifes,Chrift and the Spirit. 8. Of particular Promifes, all flowingfrom thefame Loveand Grace. 9. Obferva. pions of thePromifes of God, fubfervientro the Endintcnded:(t.) They are all true and faith- full: the ground oftheAffection: (a.) Theiraccomplilhment alwaies certaine, not alwaies evi, dent: (.)All conditionall Promifes madegood: andhow. to. (4.)ThePromife of Perfeve- rance of two forts: (50All Promifes ofour abiding with God inFaith andObedience, abfolute: The vanity ofimpofrng conditions on them,difcovered: (6.) Frontifes ofGods abiding with us, not tobe feparated fromPromifes of our abiding with him: (,.) That they doe not roperly depend on any condition in Believers,demonftrated: inftancesof thisAffection given: (8)(Ma- kingthem conditional' renders them voyd, as to the Ends, for which they are given:) given to perfons,not Qualifications: tr. The Argumentfrom theFromifesof God,flated. r2. MrG's Exceptionsagainft the Fief Propofition cleared,and hisObjeftions Anfwered: The Frontifesof Godalwaies fulfilled: Of the Promife madeto Paul Ails 27.24.erc. Goodmen make good their Promifes to theutmoft oftheir abilities. The Promife made to Paulabfolute,and of infallible accon:plilhmenr. Of thepromife of ourSaviont to hisDilciples Mat. 1g. 28. Who intended in that Promife: not Judas:the accomplilhment of the Promife:The Teftimoryof Peter MartyrCon- fidered: The conclufionofthe forementioned Objeftion. 13. The ingagement ofthe Faith- fulnefleofGod for the accompliffimentofhis Promife: t Cor.t.9. r 7bef.5.23,24. 2 Thef. 3.3. 14. The nature of theFaithfulnelfe of God expreffed in the foregoing places, inquired into per- verted byMG. His notionof theFaithfulneffe ofGod,weighedand rejefed :what intended in the Scriptures by the Faithfulneffe ofGod:The dole of the confirmation ofthe propofitionof theArgumentpropofed from the Promifes ofGod. r5. The.affumption thereof vindicated:The fence put upon it by M. G.TheQuefrion begged. He confiderationofthe Promifes ofGod, which are all branches of ß. a. the forementioned Roote, all flreatning from the fountain of the Covenant ofGrace, is , according to the method propofed, in the next placeincumbent on us. The Argument for the Truth under contefl, which from hence is afforded, and ufed, is by Mr Goodwin termed thefrrfl-borneofourfirength, cap. I i.sell.I. pag. 225. and indeedwearecon- tent, that it may be fo accounted, defiring nothing more ancient, nothing more .flrong, effeecuall, and powerful' to flay our Cordes upon, then the Pro- mifes ofthat God, who cannot lye. I (hall for the prefent in(ìft only on thofe, Heb.6.r8. which peculiarly affert, and in the name andAuthority ofGod,confirme that Titus 1.2. part ofthe Truth, weare peculiarlyin Demonftrationof; namely the Un- changeable (lability ofthe Love and Favour ofGod to Believers, in regard whereof he turneth not from them, nor forfaketh them , upon the Account ofany fuch hiterveniences what ever, as he will firffer tobe interpofed in their communion with him; leaving thofe, wherein he gives Affurance upon Af- furance, that hewill giveout unto them fuch continuall fupplies of his Spi-' rit