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CA P. V.4: z,3,4. AGenerall Dcfcription of Gofpéll Promifes. I 12 rit and Grace, that they fbal1never departfromhim , to their due and proper place, 4' a. Tam not unacquainted with the ufuall Exception,that lyethagainft theDe- monftration ofthe Truth in hand , from the PromifesofGod ; towit, that they areconditionall, depending on fome things in the Perlons themfelves to whom they aremade, upon whole change, or Alteration , they alto maybe fruftrated, and notreceive their accomplithment. Whether this plea maybe admitted againft the particular Promifes, that we (hall infift upon, willbeput upon the tryall, whenWe come to the particularhandling ofthem. For the prefent being refolved ( by Gods Afiiftance) to purfue the Detnonfkration propofed from them, it may not be amiffe, yea rather it may be veryuiefull, toinfift a littleupon thePromifes themfelves, their Nature and Excellency,that we may be the more ftirredup to enquire after everyTruth,& fweetneffeof the Love,Grace,and kindneffe (theybeing the peculiar way chofen ofGod, for themanifeftation ofhis goodwill to (inners) that is in them; and I (hall doe it briefely, that I may proceed with the bufineffe ofmy prefent Intend- ment. p.3. Gofpell Promifes then are, T. The free , and gracious difpenfations, and 2, Difcoveries ofGods good will and Love to 3. Sinners , q. through Chrifr, 5 In a Covenant ofGrace, 6. Wherein uponhis Truthand Faithfulneffe, he engageth himfelfe tobe their God , togive his Sotine unto them, and for them, andhis Holy Spirit to abide with them , withall things that are either required in them, or areneceflàry for them, to make them accepted before him, and tobring them toan enjoyment ofhim. `4: 4- I call them Gofpell Promifes`: not as though they were onely contained in the Bookes ofthe NewTeftament, or given only by Chrift afterhis coming Gal 3 ''s in the flefh ; for they were given from the beginning of the World , or Thus 1.2. firft entrance offinne: and the Lord made plentifull provi (ion ofthem and by them forhis People, under theOld Teftament: but only to diftinguifh them from the Promifes ofthe Law,which hold out a word ofTruth& Faithfaalnes engaged for a rewardofLife, to them that yeeld obedience thereunto(there being an indiffolveable connexion between entring into life, and keeping the Gat3''z' Commandements) and fotomanifefk that they all to the Gofpell ro- Luks.ro. x belong fp P Eplref.2. r 5. perly fo called, or thetidings of that peace for (inners, which was wrought 1ta.52.7. out, andmanifefked by Jeff's Chrift. 2. Farther,I doe not give this for the defcription ofany one (ingle, indi- vidual! Promife,as it lyeth in any place ofScripture,as thoughit expreflycon- tained all the things mentioned therein(though vertually it doth fo) but ra- ther to (hewwhat is the defigne, ayme , and good will of God in them all, which he dilcovers and manifefts in them by [overall parcells, according as they maybe fuited to the Advancement ofhisGlory, in referenceto the per- fons,to whom they are made. Upon the matter,all the Promifesof theGofpell arebut one ,and every oneoftheta comprehend, and tender the CameLove, thefame Chrift, the fame Spirit,which are in them all. None can have an in- tereft in any one, but he bath an intereft in thegoodof them a11, that being only reprefented varioufly forthe advantageofthem that believe.My defigne Gat.16. r7. is, todefcribe the generali intention ofGod in all Gofpell Proinifes, whereby ¿:6.r2. the being equally spirited, becomeas one; and concerning thereI fay. t 7. y g q y` P o 4 g t. That they arefree andGracious as to the rife,and fountain of them. They. Tir.1.2. aTe givenunto us, meerely through the goodwill and pleafure ofGod. That 2 Per. I. 3,4 which isofPro n1 f e, is every where oppofed to that, which is ofdeybt, or that which is any way deferved or procured byus. Gal,3, i 8. Ifthe inheritance be ofthe Law, (which includes all that inus is defireable, acceptable and defer- ving) Ws.,...,.