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CAP. Vl. 128 noneofthanAtli makefhipwrack of their Faith, upon what quick-fands of lu(l -L-- andfenfuality foever theyffhallffrilte, again.{ what rockofobdur'ation and impeni- tency foever they dafh. But I befeechyou., who told you that this wasour fence ofthis Propofitioncbeirg indeedno more fence then that which you give in for your owne: By ftriking on thequick-landsofLull, anddafhing upon Flocks ofenfuality, impenitency, andobduration, you have in other places fufficiently explainedyour felfe to intend their falling under thepower of Sinne. And is this affertedby ustobe the tenor ofGods PromifestoBelievers? Or is it not? ordo you notknow that it is not fo?did ever any fay thatGod prefervethmen inbelieving under obduration & impenitency ?that is under unbeliefe?for no man canbe obdurately impenitent but unbelievers: doe not you know that we maiutaine, that the Grace faithfully engaged to be be{towed on -them, isgiven them to this end, topreferve them from the power of'finne, from obduration and impenitency, and {hall certainely be effettuall for that purpofe? Prima ell h.ec ultio, goodfe ludice, nemo nocensabfolvitur. .:.;. :; :::...>. :; : 44444 ,. PliT'MTFM4 C A P. VI. I. The former Argumentconfirmed by an induaion ofparticular inftances: lob:1.5. opened.The concern: ment of all Believers in that Promife,provedby the Apoflle:Heb: 13.5. Thegenerali'intereftof all Believers inall the PromifesofGod cleared. Objeetions anfweerd.How Old Tefìamenc Pro- mifes maybe improved.. 2. The Promife intfled on relates principally to Spiritualls. The firengthof it to theend intended. g. I Sam. r 2.22. To whom the Promifethere is given. 4, The twofold uneof this Promife: Threats to wicked' menof ufe to the Saints : Promifes to the Saints, of ufetowicked men. lfa.4. 2,3,4. Pfa1.89.3.o,31,32,33,34,35,36,37 opened. Acon- dition ofback-fliding fuppofed in Believers:yet thrynot teiefted:Gods nbididingwithhis Saints, upon the account of his (r.)Faithfnlneffe,(2.) Loving-kindneffe.(3.) Covenant: 4.) Pro- mife,(5.).Oath. 5. The intendment ofthe words infrfted on, from, Sam:17.22. Ifs. 27 .2,3, 4. Zeph. 3,17. illuf rated. The intendmenrofthofe Jvords, I will notforfake thee. The reafon of thePromife,and means promifed therein: no coule in them,to whom the Promife is made. Exek. 36.31. lfa43. 22,2,24,25. ppened,alfo Ifa.87 r7- 6. The caufe in God himfelfe only, The Name ofGod what it imports:his Allfufficiencyingaged therein,and hisGoodneffe. 7. The Rife and founraine ofall Gods Goodneite to his peoph-, in hisown good pleainre The fummeof our Argument frô this placeof Scripture. 8.Pfi.23. 4,6.opened:thePfalmtfts Life ofaffurance of Per- feverance. 9.Inferences from the lait Life: z Tim: 4.18.opened:allBelievers in the famecondition, as to Perfeverance,withDavid andPan!. rO. TheSecond inference from the place i nfrfted on.Af- furance a motivé toobedience: and is the end that God intends to promotethereby. r r. Pfal;125. 12. explained. dfat: 37.28. Deat:33.3 12. Inferencesfrom that place of the Plalmifi: perpem- -all prefervation in the condition ofSaints promifed to Believers. 13. Mr G. ObieBions and Exceptions to our Expeditionand Argument from this place,removed. 14. Promifes madeori- ginally tóperfons, not Qualifications: not the fame Realon of Promifes to the Church, and of threatnings to finners. 15. Otherobjeftions removed. 16. Ifa. 54. 7,8,9. 17. The mindof the Lord in thePromifes mentioned in that place opened. 19.Thetexpofrtiongiven on that place and Arguments from thence vindicated. 20. Direflion forthe right improvement of Promifes. 20. Hof.2.19,20, opened. 21.Ofthe general] defigneofthat Chapter: the firftpart ofthe toral! Rejedion ofthe Churchand Political) .flare of the Jewes. 23. The fecund, of Promifes to the remnant according to theeietSionof Gracc.Ofthis foureparticniars: (1.) Of Converfron:0.14, a 5. (2)Of obedienceand forfaking'allfalfeworfhip,(3.) Of Peaceandquetneffe v.18-(4.) Dif- _covering the fountain ofall the mercies. 24. Someobjettions removed: ro whom this Promife is made. 25. ThePromife farther opened: the perfons towhom it is made. 26. v: 4.ofthat Chapter opened. The wilderneffe condition whereuntomen are alluredby theGofpell, what it imports: (r.)Separation: (2.)Intanglement. 27. Godsdealing with a foule in its wilderneffe condition. , 28. Promifes given to perfons in that candi , ion. 29. The fummeofthe foregoing Promifes: Theperfons towhom they are made farther defcribed. 3o.The nature of themaine Promife it Celle confidered. Of the maine Covenant betweenGodland his Saints. 3 r.The Pro- perties