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OfparticularPromifes. Iofh.t, s. Opened. _ C A P. V1.4: i, perties ofGod engaged for the Accomplifhment of this Fromife. 32,33,24.Mr G. Expofition of chis placeconfidered,and confuted, 351ohao.s7,28,29.opened. 36.Vindicaced. reg Aving clearedthe Truth of theone, and Meaningofthe other Pro- s : pofitionmentioned in the Argument laft propofed,I proceed to con= firme the Latter, by an indu&ionof particular Promifes. The firft, thatI (hall fixeupon, is that oflofhuah r. 5. Iwill be with thee, Iwill notfaile thee, norforfal¿e thee. This Promife (it is true) in this originali Copy ofit is a grant to onefngleperfon, entring upona peculiar employment : but the Holy Ghoft hath eminently taught the Saints of God to plead, and im- prove it in all Generations for their ownAdvantage, and that not only upon the account ofthe generall rule, of the eftabli(hmentofall Promifes in Jefus 2 cot. Chrift, tothe glory ofGod by us; but all() by the application which himfelfe makes ofit unto them, andall theiroccafions, wherein they ftand in need of the FaithfulneffeofGod therein.Heb: r 3.5. Let your converfationbe without Co- vetoufnefJ'e, andbe content withfuch things as you have ; for he hathfad, ,I will never leave thee norforfake thee. TheApoftle layeth downe an Exhortation in thebeginningofthe verfe, againft the inordinate defire ofthe things ofthis World, that are laboured after upon the account of this prefent life : To give power and efficacy to his Exhortation, he manifefteth all fuch delires to be altogether needleffe, upon confiderationof his Allfufficiency , who bath promifed never to forfake them , which hemanifefts by an inftance in this Promife given to Iofhuah, giving us withall a Rule for the Application of all thePromifesof the Old T.effament, which were made to the Church and People ofGod. Some labour much to rob Believers ofthe confolation in- tended them in the Evangelical! Promifes ofthe Old Teftament , though nade in generall to the Church, upon this account , that they weremade to the jewes: and being to them peculiar , their concernment now lyeth not in them. If this plea might beadmitted, I know not any one .Promife that would more evidently fall under the pówer ofit , then this we have now in confideration. It was made to apeculiar perfon, and that upon a peculiar oc- cation, made to a Generali, or Captaine of Armies, with rcfpe& to the great Warres he had to undertake, upon the fpeciall command of Cod. Maynot a poore hungryBeliever, fay, what is this tomee? I amnot a Generali ofan Ar- my, have noWarres tomake upon Gods command, the vertue doubtleffe of this Promife expired with the conqueft of Canaan, and died with him , to whom it was made. Tomanifeft the fameneffeof Love, that is in all the Promifes, with their Eftablifhment in one Mediator, and the-generall con- cernment ofBelievers inevery one ofthem, how ever, and onwhat occafiofi foever given to any, thisPromife to.7ofliva ishere applied to the condition of theweakeft, meaneft, and pooreft of the Saints ofGod; to all, and everyone ofthem, betheir ttate'and condition, what it will. And doubtlefre Believers are not a littlewanting tothemfelves , and their own confolation, that they doe no-more particularly.clofe with thofe words of Truth, Grace, &Faithful- nefse, which upon fundry occafions and at diverfe times have been given out unto theSaints ofold, even Abraham,Ifaaclt , 5acob, David, and the refi- dueofthem,who walkedwith God in their Generations: Thefe things in an efpeciall manner, are recorded for our confolation, that we throágh t.at+enre andcomfort ofthe Scripturemight havehope. Rom: i 5.4; Now the Holy Choft knowing the weakneffeofour Faith,and how apt we areto be beaten from clofing with the Promifes, and from mixing themwith faith, upon the leaft difcouragement that may arife, (as indeed this is noneof the leali, that the S Promife