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Sam, t 22. Thedouble ufeof that Promife. C AP. V4: I,4. the account whereof it isafferted that he may forfake there. r 3 i i Sam, 12.22. The truth wehave underconfìd.eration is confirmed by the, Prophet in the name &Authorityof Godhimfelfe, and thewords wherein it 4 '' is done, have the forceofa Promife, being declarative of the goodwill of God unto hispeople in Chrift: For the Lord will not forfakehis Peopleforhis great Namefa e,becaufe itpleafed theLord to makethem his People. The exprefiìon is the fame with that which the Lordgives his People of Gen :17. r. his good will in the Covenant ofGrace,ofwhich I have fpoken'before. Many, lerem.3x. may be their Calamityes, and Afhiftions, many their Tryalls and Temptati__ 38i39 ons, many. their Defertions, and Darknefles, but God will notforfake them, hewill notutterly caft them offfor ever. That his People. arehisPeople ist Covenant, hisfecret ones, his. Spirituali Church, the remnant according. to the Ele&ion Grace, bath beene before declared. in the handling oflike,pla- ces of Scripture . It is to vindicate this and the like Promifes from all furmi Ces offailing and coming fhort of Accompiifhment, that the'Apofhe faith, Godbath not raft awayhis Peoplewhich he didfore-know. Roza. r i. 2. that bath madegood this Promife to them: even to them among the Jewes, whom he did fo fore-know;as alto toPredeflinate there 4to beConformed to the. Imageofhis Sonne, Rom. 9.29. Soout of allifrael Savingall Ifrnel, even the whole rfrael'ofGod. Thatadifcriminating Purpofeof, God is intended in that expreffion, hash been already declared, and fhall (theLordafaing)be farther manifefted. ThePromife, ashere mentioned, bath a doubleufe. I. It isheld out as an Inducement toObedience,ito that whole People, in reference whereuntohe telleth them, that if they did wickedly, theyfhouldbe deflroyed, both they and their king, v.25. In the dreadful] .threatnings that Goddenounceth againft wicked and impenitent ones, be bath an end toac-: complifh in reference to his Saints, unto his owne: even 'to make them know his terrour, and to be acquainted with the Abomination of finune. And in his Promifes intended direly to them, he bath defignes to ac- complish upon the moft wicked,"and ungodly: even todilèover his Approba- tionofthat which is Good, that they may be left inexcufable. 2. It/was aTeflimonyofhis good will unto his fecret ones; his Remnant,, his Residue, his brand out of the fire, untohis People called according tohis; Eternallpurpofe,in the midst of his people by external/ profeffion ,. and of his prefence with them, under theaccomplishment of the threatning mentioned uponthe generalityofthat Nation. He did not forfake them,when the people ingeneral], and their Kingwere deftroyed. What ever outward difpenfation he bringeth uponthe whole, the Love and Grace.of the Promife (hall cer- ainly be referved for them, as, Ifa. 4.v:2,3,4. theremnant, the efcaping of If- rael, thofe that were writtenunto life, (hall obtaine, when the tea arede(roy- ed, or hardened. So ¡'fe 89. 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37 If his children forfake my Law, and walke not inmyjudgements, ifthey breake my flatutes, and keep . not mycommandements, thenwill I vifîttheir transrefflons witha rod, andtheir, iniquity with flripes;nevertheles my Loving-kindn fsewill Inot utterly takefrom him, norfuf er myfaithfulnefse tofade: my Covenant will Inot breake, nor alter the thing that isgone out ofmy lipps: once have i fworne by my ,Holinefse that I will not lye unto David;His feed(hall endurefor ever, andhis Throne as the Sonne before mee, itfhall be eflablifhedfor , ever, as the Moone, andai thefeithfull wit- nefs inHeaven. Selah. A fuppofall is madeoffuch roaies andwalkings In the rpirituall feed and of- fpring ofthe LordChrift,( which in the Pfalme is typed out by David) that the Lordwill be as it were-compelled todeale sharply with them , for their S 2 iniquities