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CAP.VI.§:3 That the Promife mentioned cheifly relates toSpiritual's, 130 Promife is not made tous,it was made to others, and they may reape the fweetneffe of it,God may befaithful' in it, thoughwe never enjoy the mer- cyintended in it I fay) in the next words he leads Believers by the hand, to snake thefame conclufion with boldnefse and confidence from this, and the like Promifes, as David did ofold,upon the many Gracious affuranees,that he had received of theprefenceofGod withhim. v. 6. So that (faith he upon the ac- count ofthat Promife) we mayfay boldly(without ffaggering at it by nube- liefe) that the Lordisourhelper; This is aconclufion ofFaith:Becaufe God laid to Iofhuah a Believer, Imill never leave thee norforfake thee, (though upon a particular occafion, and in reference to a particular employment) every Be- liever may faywith boldnefre, He is my helper. 4: 2. It is true, the Application ofthePromifes here lookes immediately unto temporalls: but yet being drawne out from the teftimony ofthe continuance of the prefenceofGodwith his Saints, dothmuch more powerfullyconclude to fpiritualls. Yeathe Promife it felfe isof spirituall Favour,and what con- cernesTemporally, is only from thence extra&ed.Let usthen weigh a little the importanceofthisPromife, which the Apottle hath refcued from fuffering under anyprivate Interpretation, and fet at liberty to the ufeofall Believers. To every one of them then, God faith direly and plainly, that he will never leave them norforfake them. If there fhould any Queftion arife, wehther Gen 3.1. he fhouldbe taken at his word or no,it muff be the Devill that muff be enter- tainedas an advocate againft him. Unbeliefe indeed hat: many pleas, and will have in the breafts ofSaints againft dotingwith the Faithfulneffe ofGod in thisPromifes and the Iffue ofconfidence in him, which from a due doting with its would certainely flow. But (hall our unbeliefe make the truthofGod ofnone efellsHehath toldus that hemill'never leave us norforfake us;Theold Serpent, &fome arguing from him herein,are ready to fay:yea,hathGod indeed fayedfo? The truth of it (hall not indeed be furely fo, it may be otherwife, for God doth know, that manycafes may fall out, that you may be utterly reje&ed byhim, andcart out ofhis prefence: youmay have fuchoppofitions rife againftyou inyour walkingwith him, as fhall certainely overcome you and fet you at Enmity with him; or you may fully depart from him: and many Inch like pleadingswill Sathan furnith theunbeliefeof Believers withal'. If they are not fufficiently taught by experience, what it is togive credit to Sathan, indeavouring to impair, and call inQueftion (upon any pretence what ever) the Faithfulneffe ofGod andhis Truth,whenwill they learne it ? Surely they have littleneed to joyne with their Adverfaries for the sseakeing oftheirfiipportments,or the impairing oftheir Coefolations; Whereas there is an endeavour tomake men believe,that the denying any abfolute unchange- able Promife ofGoduntoBelievers makes much for their comfort and ReftefG- ment, it fhall afterwards be confidered in common, in reference alfo tothofe other Demonftrationsofthe saints Perfeverance, that !hall, Godwilling, be produced. It will be excepted, that God will not forfake them, whilft theyareBelie- vers; but if they forfake him, and fall from him,he is at liberty to renounce them alfo.But that Gods not forfakingofany, is no more but a meet non-re- je&ion ofthem,lhall afterwards be difprooved. Whom he dothnot forfake as a God in Covenant, to them doth he continue his Prefence., and towards . them exercifethhis Power andAllfuf iciency for their Good.And iflie can by his Spirit and the Power ofhis Grace keep them whom hedoth not forfake, in a Rate and Condition ofnotforfaking him, he doth forfake them, before they forfake him, yeabeforehe is Paid to forfake them. Gods not forfaking Believers, is effe&ually preventive of that frate and condition in them, on the