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PreCervation in Saiñtíhip promifed toBelievers. CAP:V1.4: i x,13. vaile over themfor ever, ifin the meane time there be other more clore and 139 powerful' Adverfaries, who may cafi them downe with a perpetual' defiru- dion.Some few confiderations of the intendment ofthe place, will:ferve for the inforcing of our Argument from this portion ofScripture. I. That which is here promifed the Saints, isa perpetual! prefervation of 55.124 them in that conditionwherein they are, both on the part of God, he isround about them, even henceforth & for ever,andon their parts,they thall not be re- moved; that is, from thefate and conditionof acceptation with him, wherein they are fuppofed to be,but abide forever and continue therein immoveable unto the end.Itis(I fay)a plain Promife of their cótinuancein that condition, wherein they are,with their fafety from thence, and not a Promife` of force othergood thing, provided that they continue in that condition. Their be- ing compared to Mountaines, and their Stability, whichconfifis in theirbeing and Continuing fo, will admit noother fence.As Mount Sion abides in its con dition,fo fhall they: and as the Mountaines about jerufalem continue , fo doth the Lord his prefence untothem. 2. That expreffion which is ufed.'v.2. is weighty andfill to this purpofe, The Lord is roundabout his People henceforth andfor ever, What canbe fpoken more fully , more pathetically ? Can any expreffion of men fo fet forth the truthwhich wehave in hand? The Lord is round about them, not to fave them from this or that incurfion , but from all: not from One or twoevills, but from every one, whereby they are, or may be affaulted. He is with them and round}.about them, on every fide , that no evilI fhal' comenigh them. It is amofi full expreffion ofuniverfall prefervation, or ofGods keepinghis Saints in hisLoveandFavour, upon all accounts whatfoever. And that not only for a feafon, but it is, henceforth fromhis giving this Promife unto their Souls inparticular, and their receivingofit in all Generations, according to their appointed times, even for ever. Some few exceptions,with a great furplufage of words and phrafes, to 4 t3 make them feeme force other things; then what have been formerly inffiedd on againe and again; are advancedby Mr Goodwin to overturns this Sion, - and to cafi downe the mountaines that are aboutJerufalem. ch. s i. Sell. 9. pag:23o,23 I,232. Thefummeof our Argument fromhence, as oftheintend- ment ofthis place,is this: Thofewhom the Lord will certainly preferve for ever in the fiate and conditiorroftru[hing in him,.they [ball never be forfaken ofhim, nor feparated from him. The latter claufe of this Propoftion is that which we contend for,the wholeofthat whole proofeis incumbent onus: of this, the former part is a fuflicient balls and fòundation : being comprehenfive ofall that is,or can be required to the unqueflionable efiablifhment thereof: from the Letter ofthe Text we aflame; But God will certainly preferve for ever all his Saints that put their Trufi in him , in their fodoing, that they !hall not be altered, or cafi downe from that flare and condition:Change but the figurativeexpreffions in the Text, and the AHufions ufed for the accom- modationoftheir Faith in particular, towhom this Promife was firft given, intoother termes ofa dire& and proper fignificancy, and the Text and the ,Affumptionofour Argument will appeare tobe the faine; whence the con-. clufion intendedwill undeniably follow : unto this cleare dedu&ion ofthe Truth contended for, from this place ofScripture, the Difcouríeenfuing in theplace mentioned, is oppofed. I. The Promife only affures them thattruf in theLord, that they f all be pre- ferved, butnot at allthat they that truli in him,(hall beneed-hated to doefo or that fo they(hall doe. SoPaulfaith, itwas in my heart to live and dye with the Corinthian: but doubtleffé with thisprovifo that they alwaies continuedfach as T 2 they