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A Prefacer() the Reader, muff take leave to fay , that I was quicklyofanother mind , -with the reafon ofwhich ch,...nge of thoughts,could I once obtaine the leafure of a few dayes or homre:,l fhonld quickly ( Cod willing ) acquaint them who are concerned in Affaires of this nature. In themeane time if the Readerwill pardonme thisdigreJon, having given him an account of my thoughts con- cerning the Epitllesof /gymiur,l [hall in a procedure upon my firft intentionbring forth force, Teflimonies from him valentt loansem valere poffunt. Hefeemes ( in thefirft place ) to (peak fufficiently clearly , to the deathof Chrift for his ChurchforBelievers, in a peculiar manner,which is one confiderablebottome,and foundation of the truthweplead for.Epifl:adTroll. rival mere; me9nuá wv x Sáaj áyannsàuTë ñV n';à.rn AC; sat r4Y ear f:p hap ñútroy ïva w3ceeivq 7ç ,+uu7IX$ duw'ß r4 , 6 jmltrñ(ÚV ZvìT' o Tae, [[éTJ.rtser, arrúTTu at izvd CV }WY raxias and againe 8piflold adPhilad: byClrrift (làith he) èr.ñn- aaVA,ßudp.t, xj'Ioabc, 'Iry , MwoÑSxj á 07i(.c704. o7r) esvne9°,'f rods, j Zs ttihor 7Ú xivµn it 2rróçoA01,6 tt :409 vx Xei; sbzp ;if (víprneu6yw )i;á, -de ri i,vÑos a'rua,ïra eivzivi aysedon- with many the like ex- prellions. Hisconfidencealfo ofthe Saintsperfeverance for whom Cheill thus dyed, he loth often profefs ; Speaking ofthe faithof the Gofpel he addes, Tau7a iysú prune¢oelá ,mssv- ons, v m n&, dTwigâw v cEeeïs Ptv6 sot J otAiyetsor is%, dr vrhnePoe Jtúiv, ñs tix7CCZxYar totoi liary ^,41; And againe more clearly and fully to the fame purpofe Epifl : adSmyrn : uinva yS J,a«s ra- 7nprJa7..tiVps 6r áxP(ITC0 rriÇH ala7ripxa9nhrdv s i4 Tod çiaaQW7' N, m naW4'IvYXersá<t,ouf) 7s xj areJteaTa 5 04'1' i4tf it')4PdN i4 Tyl ä1s4a71 '1e Xprsé,Yrsahnt PepnKtrxsu;s san9Zs.t7c. And this confirmation and eftablifhment in believing, he afcribes not to their manly cone- derations,but to the graceofChrift,exclulively to any oftheiYr own ffrength,Epifl:44Smyrn, lïàvrx ( faith he ofhim felfe) o¡;tivw Jl Xpr,óv,e;s 7i vjaa. -slv cit4,áu7C pw- ivo4alCxpr(9-,a' ycie tint 7agti7av ;tiv@, To the fame purpofe and withthe fame confident perfwafìon he fpeakes, Epill:adEpdef. 7Pf -,J_1Jlaás 'In7és Xm c,9 ÿsushrrdvas 4«2 Zit; 74"; ns'le4,ás Ala ns I.xT41474 ivap¿aaAoywo'vns eis oico tU', atsep Wames,tÇVapej+omçHs Tá don Jlà Xe43, Té ';rip ñpswr suvpwSsD70'sXites,2uto,m nsj áyiramvevua- A. &C. pry And againe in the fame Epiffle. 'App, Ca ie Ydsst, 74Aa/ tJv x}ann. 7a J ¿},o itivínrt wíí(zSpa Slob' sivaprdmv émronk 7q,r iMa advmH's tooMa}a,910átoTx34 U.s. And in his Taft Epiftle, he gives us that noble Exprel1on ofhis own affurance. `o ids sows is ivy ÿa& añe Aoe,V71 J'dtue dti (;oivç iJ.ivtvo4 iV i<aai,iaaiS-(v got Nirr, Ai eg evils w -sea-where we leave the holy foule,until the fame God gather us to him,& the tell of the fpirits of juftmen made perfetd. And thiswas the language , thefe were the Expreffìonsof thisholyman which what they difcover ofhis judgment,to thecafe under confideration,is left to the learned Reader to con- fider. This I am certaine,our Adverfaries have very little caufe to boaft of the confentof the Primitive Chriftians with them in the doilrine ofApoftacy , there being in there moft ancient writers after the Apoftles about the things ofour Religion not the leaft fhadow raft upon ir,for it's refrefhment. Adde in the next place themoft Antient ofthe Latines,Tertullian, ( that great flore-houfe ofall mannerof learning and knowledge) faith he, 2 emadmoditm erbio arrhabonemlfriritus reliquie , ita &á urbi, arrhabonemcaresaccepit , &vexit in Callon, pignut totiosfummo iliac redigende. Tertullian: de Refur. The certaine falvationofthe whole myflical body ofChrilt, with whomhe bath that communion , as to give them his Spirit , as he took theirAlb( for be took upon himfefh andblood becaufe the Children werepartakers ofthe fame ,) is evidently af- fected : which he could not do,who thought that any ofthofe,on whom he bellowed his fpi- tit, might perifh everlaftingly. Andagaine de prafcripti; adFloret. In pugnâpugilum&gladiatorum,plernmg, non quiafortis cfi,vincit quis,aut quia non potefl vinci. Sed quoniant ille quivieloo efí, nullir viriboufuit:adeò idem ille valor bene valenti pofleá compara- tur,etiam fuperatto receda nonaliter herefet de quorundam inftrmitatibus habent,quódvalent, nihil valences, f %n beni valentemfidemincurrant.Solent quidem illi mirioner etiam de quibufdamperfoni, abHere/icopele adsftcari in Ruinam; quaré ille velilia , fidelifmi, prndentifmi,&ubtatifmi in Eccleftst,ini/lampartem eranfiernnt?quid hoc dicers non ipfe fibs relfondet,ne j prudentes,neq. ideles, net ufitatosoflimandos quo: box[is potnit demutare?He plainly denies them to have been belie- vers,(that is truely,throughly,properly fo)whofall into pernicioushereliiesto theirdeftrudion. Cypriots isexprefs to our purpofe ; faithhe , newexiflimet bons de Eccle/id poledifcedere. triticum non rapit ventru , nec arborent fol%dú radicefundatamprocella fubvertit, inanes pales tempellate jallantur ;invalids arbores carbine%neurone evertuntur. Ho: execrator & percutir eApo/lolre