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A Preface to the Reader. Apoflalua fobannes , dicens , ex noble exierunt , feànonfuerunt ex nobs , i+ veimf, JJnr ex flair, mangent utigr nobifcum. Cyp : de Unita : Ecclef : Thewhole Dotirine we contend for, is plainly, and clearly afferted , and bottomed on a text ofScripture, which in a frecial manner ( as we have tame ) we do infift upon; all that is loft by temptations in theChuich, was but Chafe ;the abides,and the rooted Tree is not can down. Thole fall away who indeed were never truebelievers in heart and union, what ever their prof//ion was Anéyet, we arc within the compafsof that fpan ofame,which our adverfaries,without proof,w,thout fhame, claime to be theirs. One Principal foundation ofout lottrine , is the bellowingof theholy Ghoft uponBelievers by jells ChuffWhere he is fo beftoweditheie fay we he abides: for he is given them for that end.eiz: to abide with them for ever. Now concerning himBahl tells us, that though in a fort, he may be faid tobe prefent with all, that are baptifed, yet he u never mix- ed With any that are not worthy, that is, he dwells not with any that ebtainr notfálvatidn. Bauf Lib: de Spir: Sanc:Cap: IÓ. Nov (.1;2 Kj a^ ivaxsno °fir , it cox ícts' Na ae xapoive AKA. ,7, so7t á7a i705917Pi'volt.By that feeming prefence ofthe holy Ghoft,with hypocrites that are ba- ptized profeffors,he evidently intends the COMMgifts &graces that he be(towes upon them, and this is all he grants to them who are not at Taft ( for fach he difcourfes of ;; foundworthy. eilfacariru s. gyptine.Homil:5: about the;fame time with the other, or fomewhat before, isof the fame mind, He tellsus that thofe who are Chriftians iv ál.Y,iri,t *, J vaus: , áo0axs7f s/otr tz ñ 573135665;11,&, >i iJ4 aa7o r?, ds ñd'x kt0avopiAvos ßaotaslle v715 : & how men can be aft-tiled ofHeaven , wbileft they live here, by theearneft ofit which they have received,as well as sf they Were crowned andreigning in Heaven , If thole who have received that earneft may look itagaine , I know not. The wordsofclmbrofe to this fame purpofe,Lib: 1. de facob: d' Vi- tt: beat. are many:But becaufethey'do not only fully affert the trnth,we contend tor, but alfo infift briefly on molt of the Arguments, with which in this cafe we plead , I (hall tragfcribé thematlarge,and they are asfolloweth. Won gloriabor, quiajteflus from,fedgloriabarquiet redemptsu fum,gloriabor nan quietvacates peccatifuns , fedquiet mihi remiffaflint Peccata , nongloriabor quiet proftei,nec quiet profuit nuhi gaifquam, fedquiet advocates pro me spud 'Patron (britlua e/i , fed quiaprome Chrifii /anguú effufua eft Haredem to fecit, CoharedemCbrifli , Spiritum tibi adoptionsinfudit. Sed vererie dubios vita anfraElue & adverfariiinfidias cum habeas auailiuwTri , habeao tantam rjtu di- gnationem ,.litfilio proprio pro to non peperceri;?nihil eetmexcepit , qui omnium coactf r /Doha- rem. Nihïl eft igitur quad negari polenobs vereamur;nihil if! in quo de muntftcentia amine: dif- ftdereperfeverantiadebeamtu,euysu fait tamditstorna a yap ubertaa,tet prima prideflimeret,de inde voearet , c$ quos vocavie bee & luflif'aret , ç quos lufltficaret hot co- glortficarer. Pate- ritdeferere quos tantis benef a es sef f adpramiaprofeeuttu eft ? enter tot benefit to Des , mom rstetst- endsfont aliguaacceefationusnbd+a? Jedgas audaatacculare quo, el, Has divinocernirjudtcio? num Dettr pater t p'e quì Conrail, t,pater! dona/ua refcindere, (Tquos adoptiene %ufcepit,00s 2pater- ni offallesgratiâ relegate? fedmettes oft ne index feveriorfit,conjtdera quern jtedocemhabeas; na- pe Chriflo dedit pater cmnejudicium : poterit to ergio idle damrare , vim redemie àmorte, pro quo leob'ulit, cujus vitamfastmarts mercedem effecognafcor? nonne elicit, qua militas infanguine meo, fi damns Tutcisipfe falvavi?deìnde confiders: judicem, non confiderai "avocation ? The founda-ionofall our glorying in theLove ofGod,and affuranceof falvation, He lays in the free gr,.ce of God , in redemption and joeftifrcarion; for the certaintyofour continuance in that eftate , he urges the decree ofGod s predeflination, sloe unehangeablenefoof his love, the Complaat Redemptionmadeby Chrift , with his effedtual Intercefan , all which areat large in-: fifted uponin the enfuing treatife. Adde to himhis contemporary Chryfoflome.- Serm:3. in z Cor: 1.21,22. 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The defigneand aimeof our Eftablifhmentby theSpirit is he tells us, that we be not foalgip ormovedfrom thefaithof Christ. Soeftabifhethus, that,he fuffers us not todepart & fall away from the faith, And thatthe argument which he inGfts on,from what we have prefently recei- E 3 ved