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A Preface to the Reader. gratiam habuerant , ita reguntur &proteguntur áDeo,ut ve! noncadart , vetfi eecidcrint re!urpnt ; tsr licètfapisu cadant& refurgant,tandem ahquando ita refurgunt ut ampliur noncadant:in which few words be bath briefly comprized the fummeofthat , which is by us contended for. It was in my Thoughts in the laft place to have added the concurrent witnefs ofall the reformed Churches,with that of the moft eminent Divines which have written in the defence of their Conceffì- ons:but thisTrouble upon lecond confiderations,I (hall (pare the Reader& my felfe:for,as many other reafons lye againft the Profecuting of this Defigne, fo efpecially the ufilefvefs of trending Ttme,and paines,for the demonfirationof a thingoffoevident a truth, prevailes with me todehft;Notwithlan. ding the Indeavours ofCMr. Goodwin to wren the words of tomeof the moft antient Writers who laboured in the firfi Reformation.of the Churches;I prefume no unprejudiced Perfon in the loft mea- fure acquainted with the fyfleme ofthat Da5lrine , which with fo much paines , diligence, piety, and Learning, they promoted in theworld,with theclearnefs of their Judgments,in going forth ro the ut- most compafs of their Principles which they received , and their conftancy to them felves, inafferting of the Truthes they embraced,ownedby their Friends and Adverfaries,until fuch time as Mr.Coodwin difcovered their felfe Contradiétions , will fcarce be moved once to quefion theirJudgments by the Excerpra of tí*?r. Goodwin Cap: 15:of his Treatife:fo that of this difcourfe this is the lflue. There remaines only that I give abrief account of tome concernmentsofthe enfuing Treatife and difmiffe the Reader fromany further Attendance in thePorch,or entrance thereof. The Titleof the book (peakes ofthe Aime and Method of it the Confutation ofc26-. Goodwin was but fecundarily in my eye;and the belt way for that I judged to confift,in a full Scriptural Confir- ¡nationof theTruth he oppofed. That I cheifly intended, and therein I hope thepious Reader, may through the Grace ofGod, meet withfatisfaetion. In.my undertaking to affirme the Truthofwhat I affert, the Thing it felfe firft, and then the manifef'cationof it, was in myConfideration: for the thing it felfe, myarguing hath been to difcover the Nature of it, it's principles, and caufes , it's relation to the Good willofthe Father , the mediations of theSonand difpenfation ofthe Holy Ghofi to the Saints thereupon ; it's ufe and tendency, in, and,unto thatfellowfhipwith theFather and the Son , whereunto we are called and admitted. As to themanner ofit's Revelation, the properfeatesof it in the Book ofGod,the eccaßon ofthe De- livery thereof,in feveral feafons, the Significant Expreffons wherein it is fet forth, and the receiving of it by them , to whom it was revealed have been diligently remarked. In thofe parts of the Difcourfe , which tend to thevindicationofthe Arguments from Scripture, whereby theTruth pleaded for is confirmed,ofthenfefulnefs of the thing it felfecontended about &c. I have been I hope Careful to keep anyDifcourfe from degenerating into jangling , andftrife of Words ( the ufual Iffueof Polemical writings) being not altogetherIgnorant of the devices of Satan, and the ufual carnal Attendencies of fuch proceedings:The weight ofthe Truth in hand, The Commonin- terelt ofall theSaints,in their walking with God therein,fenfe of reyown duty, &the near approachof the Account which I muff make of theminiftration to Committed , have given bounds and limits to mywhole difcourfe, as to themanner ofhandling the Truth therein afretted. Writing in the Corn- meal language ofthe 21(ation , about the Commonpofrrfon ofthe Saints, the meaneft and weakeft as well as the wifeft and the moft learned, labouring in theworkes of Chrift and his Gofpel , I ductt not hive the underftandingofwhat I aim'd at, by mingling the plainedoftrine ofthe Scripture,with Metaphy- fecal 21(ptions, expreJtas of Arts, orany pretended ornaments ofwit,or fancy;becaufe I Feare God For the more fublime ConfiderationofThings , and fuch a way of their Delivery, as depending upon ii acknowledg'd reception offundryArts and fciences which the Generality ofChriftians neither are nor need to be acquainted withal ; Scholars may communicate their Thoughts and Apprehenfions un- to,andamong Them felves,and that upon the ftage of the world,in that language,whereunro theyhave confenred,for,&to that end&purpofe:That I havecarefully abflayned from Perfonalrrfieflions,(coffes, Undervaluations,applications ofStories, and old fayings,to the provocation of the Spirit of them with whom I have to do,Ithink not atall prayfe worthy;becaufe that upon a reviewof tome paffages in the treatife(now irrecoverable)) feare Ihave fcarce been focareful,asI am Pure it was myduty tohave 'nett Erratain the 'Preface, Read.pt.1..36 it'3 4 fineldlayraltror£s.p.3 1.14 (vit: 104.) 29.animpeca.p,5.2.1.i0.'ctr$yet.l.z2.49íeä9íe,z;.µmd'£rd0. p.6.1.7. gnx..3 `Canonital.8 I 6ne:nµe+'r.p.7.l.z; 743 1, itl.tíeae 7v.28:u.'y<vr1/7és>,u47200102.19.mttvrxEnme4.p.8,l.z.z.d.:liat he wrote. l. z t a finet Qythenhe adder. p.9.1.: 5. 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