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I ttS.t2ittfagt tteWAt2tt*Lt2tAggA 4,-074V4140M49444WNITV C A P. I. I. The various thoughts of men concerning the Dottrine propofed to confideration. 2. Thegreat concernment of it ( how ever Rated) on all hands confeffed. 3,Somefpeciall caufes preffing tot heprefent handlingofit. 4, The fear - fedi BackHidingofmany in thefe daies, 5: The great offence given , and taken thezeby: with theprovifion madefor its reraoveall. 6: The nature of that offence and temptation thence arfng conjidered. 7: Anfwer to force Arguing! of Mr G. c:9. Q 8,9,IO,Ii. from thenceagainfl the truthpro- pofed. The ufe oftriallsandfhakings : Grounds of believers afiurance that they arefo. 8. The f amefarther arguedanddebated. 9: Ofthe Teftimony ofa mane owne confcience concerning his uprightnefé, and what is required thereunto. Io. I Ioh: 3.7. confidered: of the rale offelfejudging, with principlesoffettlement for true Believers, notwithftanding the Apoftafesof eminent Profeffors. (2))11 I. Corrupt teachings rendring the handling of this Dotirinenecefary: its enemiesofoldandoflate. i 2: The particular un- dertakingof Mr G. propofed to con deration. 13 : An entrance into the fluting of theueftion. 14..15. The termesofthe!ueflion explained: of Holinefe in,itsfeverallacceptations. Createdholinefe,originall orAdventi- tious.Compleate or Inchoate. Typicall by dedications, Reall by purification. 16. Holineffe Evangelical', eitherfo indeed, or by eftimation. 87. Reell. Holineffe, partial' oruniverfall. 18,19-The partakers of thefirftor Tempo- rary Believers,nottrueBelievers:maintained againfiMr G. Groundof j'udg- ing profeffors to be true believers. 20. Mat.7.2o.Confidered,what is the rule ofjudgingmen therein given. 21, 22. What knowledgeof the Faithof o- theps is to be obtained. 23 :What is meant by Perfeverance: How inScripture it is exprefsed. 24: Thegroundsof itpointed at. 25: What is intended by falling away: whether it bepofble the Spirit ofGrace may be loft:or 26,27, 28: The habit ofit, andhow. 29, 30: The flate of the Controverfy is laid down byMr G. 3 s: The vanity thereof di covered. 32:33, 34: His judge ment about Believersfalling awayexamined: what principlesandmeans of Perfeverance he grants'to them, 35: The enemies of our Perfeverance: In- dwellingfin in particular con idered: 36: Nopoffibilityofprefervation upon Mr G grounds,demonftrate . 37,38,39,40,41,42: The meaner and waier ofthe Saints prefervation in Faith, afserted by Mr G: at large examined, weighedd.found light:43:The Doïlrine ofthe Saints Perfeverance, &way ofteaching it cleardfrom Ifa:4: 44,45: That Chapter opened. 47,48,49: The 43 verfe particularly infi fledon anddircufsed. 5o: The wholefiate andMe- thod ofthe Controverfy thence educed. He Truthwhich I have propofed to handle , and whofe defence I 4 t have undertaken in theinfuing difcourfe , is commonly called, the 127.1c;,!., . 8. ER.S OF SAINTS; ADo&rine, where- 11.q.6, of nothingordinary, Loin, or Common is fpoken by any, that have /erem.3r. ingaged intothe confideration ofit. To force it is thevery salt of the Cove- 3 `'32'33' rant of fGrace, the molt dillinguifhing mercy communicated in the blood of ier32.39,40 Chrifi,fo enterwoven into, and lyingatthe bottome ofall that confolation, Heÿ 9. o . F. E which