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C A9. I. 4 9. Teftimony ofConfciencerits efficacy. -6 ofmen, in whom they are, unto a quiet comfortable.aflured repofeofthem- felves upon the love and faithfulneffeofGod: neither is the fpirituall confi- Math.7.25 denceofthe Saints fhaken, much leflè caf to the ground, by their confliting Mathao. t 8. Ptal.99:1o. with feares,fcruples,anddoubtful! áppprehenfions; feeing in all thefe confli&s, z Cor.1.9.1 they have the pledge ofthe faithfulnefsof God, that theyPallbe more. then 2The[ 5 "23, conquerours.Though they areexercïfedby them, they are not dejec` led with Cor.toa3. them: nor deprived ofthat comforting affurance and joy which they have in I1om.8.39. believing. But yet fuppofe, that this be the condition pra&icallyofmany Saints ofGod, & that they neverattaine to the Rateoftheprimitive Chriíti- pee. i. 8. ans, towhofe joy andconfolation in believing the HolyGhoft fo plentifully witneffeth, nor doe live up tothat full rateofplenty, whichtheir Father hath i3eb 6 provided for them in his Family, andfworne that he is abundantly willing, they ;$ Pallid enjoy andmake ufe o f ; what will hence follow asto the bufineffe in hand,I profeffe I know not. Muít that little evidence which they have of their acceptance with God, betherefore neceffarily built upon fuch bottomer ( or rather topps) as are vifible to them in hypocrites, fo that upon their Apo- 4afie they muff needsnot only trye and examine themfelves but concludeto their difadvantáge and difconfolation , that they have no true faith ? Credát Ape& Secondly, the comfortableneffe he tells uYs ófthe teftimonyofaanans con- fcience concerning his uprightneffe with God depends mainly andprinci- pallyupon hisuniformeand regular ,walking with Godg now this being by the neglet1 e oftheSaintsoften interuptedwith many Haines of'uuworthineffe, the te- alimony itfelfemuff needs be oftenfufpended: now true believers finding them-, feines outgon inwayes ofobedience.by them, that impenitently Apoftatize, if fromhence theym'ufl conclude themHypocrites,they have no evidence leftfor the foundneffe oftheir owne Faith,which their confciences beare Teflimony unto, upon the fruitfullneffeofit, which is infer'lour by many degrees to that ofthemwho yetfinally fallaway. This is the fubftance of one long Se&ion pag. 809, IIo. But Firft,here is the fame fuppofall included as formerly, that theonly Evidence ofa true Faith and acceptance with God, isthe teflimony ofa mans confcience concerning his regular & uprightwaling withGod; For, an obftru&ion in this being fuppofed, hiscomfort andconfolation is thought to vanifh; but that theScripture builds up our affurance on other foundations is evident, and the Saints acknowledge it,as hath been before delivered;Nor Secondly, doth the Teftimonyofa mans owne confcienceas it bath an in- fluence into his confolation, depend folely (nor dóth Mr Goodwin affirme it 1ob.35. 10. fo to doe) on the confiant regularityofhis walking with God. It will alto wit- P1al.97. 5,6. neffe what former experience it hath had of God, calling tomind its ,tong in 7- the night, all the tokens andpledges ofitsfathers love, all the gracious vi/ts 112.40.28,29, ofthe holy andbleffed Spirit ofgrace, all the imbracements of all that C2nt,.3.1, 2. intimacy and communion it bath formerly been admitted unto, the healing s s 4, 5 and recovery it bath had ofwounds, and fromback-Hidings, with all the fpiri- 42. 6,7, 8,9,t 0,11. tuall intercourfe it ever hadwith God, to confirme and ítrengthen it felfe in Ho1.z.9 the beginningofitsconfidence to the end. And' 14.2.8. Thirdly, in the tettimony that it doth give from itswalking with God, and 3' the fruits ofRighteoufneffe, it is very farre-and remote from giving it only or 1íeb.3. t4. chiefly, or indeed at all, from thofe waies, workes, and fruits which are expo- 114.38.3. fed tothe eyes ofmen, and which, inothers, they who have that Teftimony; '9's3' may behold. Jt refolves it felfeherein in the frame, principles, and life of the Revel.3. I. hiddenman oftheheart, which lies openand naked to theeyes of God , but pet.3.4. is lodged indepths-not tobe fathom'd by any oftheSons ofMen : There is 2 cor.2.12. no