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a Temptation to Believers. CAr.t. ß:8. grace, in thehearts ofbelievers, with fuch fhines ofGods countenance upon 5 them , as, they ufually enjoy. Let thefe be interrupted, or turned aude,and there isnot the leafs blaft or breath, that proceeds from the mouth of the weakeft enemy, they have todeale withall,but is fufficient tocalf there dower Pa,30,6,7. from the excellencyoftheir joy and confolation. Theevidence ofthis truth isfuch, that M. Goodwin is forced to fay * Farre 4 g, be itfromme to deny butthat a man may very pollibly attaine unto a very s`Irong * veri {çdelü andpotent afsurance, andthat upon grounds every way firfciently warrantable uti pro tempo- and good, that hisfaith isfound andfàving: Cap:9. Sea: 9. but unto this con áa i onfo- ceffion: he puts in a doubleexception, euctæfuæ sere- Firft, That there is not one truebeliever o fan hundred, yeaof many thoufands, fepeZT whobath anyfilch afsuranceof hisFaith as is built uponfàlidand pregnaní four- p7 defa[ute fa- dations. Júì 6- de I muff (by hisleave) enter, my diffent hereunto, and as we have the liber- er, ipfube_ ty ofour refpediueapprehenfions fo neither theone, nor the otherprove a- nevoieutiii pee ny thing in the caufe.Setting afide caufesof defertion, great temptations, and céret, ed po- tryalls, I hope through the riches of the grace, and tendernefs ofthe loveof tell & deter. their father,the condition is otherwife then is apprehended by M. Goodwin Aft. 18z de Synod. d: p. with the generalityofthe Family ofGod. The reafons given by himof his fenc.Thef. 7: thoughts tothe contrary, doe not fway me from my hopes, or byas my for- mer apprehenfions in theleaff5 His reafons are; Firft, Becaufe though the teflimony o f a mans heartandconfcience touching his 1, uprightnefs towards God,er the foundnefsofany thing that isPaving in him,be comfortable andchearing,yetfeldomeare thefepropertiesbuilt upon filchfounda- tions which arefufficient towarrant them; at leafs uponfuch whofe fufftciency in that kind is duel, apprehended.Forthe teftimonyofthe confcienceofa man touch- ing any thingwhich isfpiritually andexcellentlygood, isofnofuch value, unleffe it befirli excellently inlightned with theknowledge; na ture,proprieties andcon- dition o fthatonwhich it tefiifieth; and (Secóndly) be int he athuallcontemplati- onconfderation, or remembranceofwhat he knoweth in thiskind.Now very few believers in the World come up to this height and degree. Firlt, There is in this reafon couched afappofition which iftrue, would be An[ i, farremore effeûuall fo fhake the confidence and Refolution of beleevers, then the moft ferions confideration oftheApoftafies ofall prófeffors, that e- ver fell from the gloryof their profefIion from the beginningofthe World5 and that is,that there is noother pregnantfoundationofAfsurance, but the tefii= monyofa mansown heart; andconfcience, touching his uprightnef towards God, and there re before any can attaine that afurance Upon abiding foundations they mineexcellently inlïghtened in the nature, properties,andcondition ofthat which their confciences teflifie unto5(as truefaith anduprightneffe of heart)and be cleare in the difputesand Rue/bonsabout them, being in theaCtuall contempla- tionof themwhen theygive their Tefimony. Í no way doubt but many thou - faridsofbelievers, whofe apprehenfions ofthe nature, properties, and conditi- s G6r.i.Zó: ans ofthings,as they are in themfelves, are low, weake, and confufed 5 yet Jam:a. 5 hauing received the Spirit ofAdoptionbearingwitnefswith their fpirits , that Á0m 8., 6. theyare the ChildrenofGod, andhaving the 7eflimony in themfelves, hivebeen , Joh. 5. non taken up into as high a degreeofcomforting andcheering affurance, and that Uponthe moft infallible foundation Imaginable, (for the fpirit witnefeth be= J0h.5.6: caufe thefpirit is truth) as ever, the moft feraphically _illuminated perfon in the World, attained unto. Yeain the very graces themfelves of Faithand uprightnefieof heart, there is filch a fealeand ftamp imprefling the imageof k3odupon the foule, as without any reflex a&, or aftuall contemplation of tholegraces themfelves,have an influence into theeffablifhmesit ofthe foules B 3 of