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The judgement ofCharity- audits rule. CAP. L 0:21.22 itproceeds by :he rules ofRighteous judgment; Whenwe fpeakeof 7udg 13 ment ofCharity, we intend not a lode conjecture, much felfe a Judgment contradiftina from that which is righteous; but a Righteous and ftrict Judg- ment,aecording to the exa&eft rules whatfoever , thatwe have to Judge by, free from evillJiirmtfes,and filch like vices ofthe minde,as are oppofedto the graceofLove.ByPayingit is ofCharity,we are not abfolved frö the moll eat procedure(according to the Rules ofjudging given untous) but only bound up from indulging to any Envy,Malice , or filch likeworks oftheflefli,which are óppofite toCharity in thefubje&wherein it is: Charity in this affertion de- notes onlya gracious qualification in the fubje&, And not any condefcenfion from the Rule: and thereforeI fomething wonder, that Mr Goodwin ihould makeaJudgment of Charity (as afterwards) a meere conjeture , and allow beyond it . a Righteous and ftri&Judgement,which amounts toknowledg. It is true ourSaviour tells us , that by their fruits, we (hall know them; But 4, it: what knowledge is itthat he intendeth? is it a certain knowledge by demon- ttration ofiti or an infallible afitranceby revelation? I am confident M. Good- win will not fay it is eitherof thefe, butonly fuch aperfwafion;as is the refult ofourthoughtsconcerning them,upon the profeffrontheymake,& theworks they doe, uponwhich wemay (according to the mindeofChrift, who bare with them whom he knew tobe no Believers, having taken on themthe pro- feflion ofthe faith,) know howtodemeanour (elves towards them : fo fame we may know them by their fruits and judgeofthem; other knowledge our Saviour intendethnot, nor I believe does M. Goodwin pretend unto . Now notwithflanding all this even on this account, and by thisrule, it is very pot table, yea very eafy, andpraC.íically proved true in all places, andAt all times, that we mayjudge, yea fo farreknow,rnen tobe,or not to befedneers by their fruits, as tobe able to orderaright our demeanour towards them, According to thewill ofChrift,and yet be miftaken, (though hot in the performance ófour duty inwalking regularly according to thelines drawne out for our paths) in theperfons concerning whom our judgement isg the knowledgeof them being neither by demonfiration, nor fromrevelation; filchas coi nonpo- teft fuhefe falfum,we may be deceived: The Saints then or believers, of whom alone our difcóurfe is , maybe 15:22, briefely delineated by thefe few confiderable concernementsof their Saint- (hip. r. That whereas by nature they are children ofWrath as wellas others, and dead in trefpaffes andfinnes that faith and holineffe which they are in due Rom. t.zè; time invefted withal!, whereby they are made Believers and ¡Saints, ,and di- 29' ftinguifhed from all others whatever, is aneffet And fruit of, and flowes from God's eternal' purpofe concerning theirfalvationor eletlion : their faith Aâ. í3.4P being as to the manner ofits bellowing peculiarly oftheoperation of God, E Petii42;3; andas to its diftintion from evèryother gift, that upon any account what e- 4,s. ver is focalled, in refpe& ofits fountaine termed, The faithofGods elell. 2. For the manner oftheir obtainingof this pretious faith, it is by Gods giving to them that holy Spirit of his,whereby he raifed Jefus from the dead, RòmCe t s' to raife themfrom their death.in fìnne, to quicken them unto newneffe OfEph.t,,g, life, endowing them witha new life, with a Spirituali gracious fupernaturall 20. habit, fpreading it felfe upontheir whole foules, making' them new creatures. ,o, 1,5,58y throughout (in refpe&ofpatts) invefting themwith an abiding principle,be- Mac9. ri ïng anatural genuine fountaineofall thofe Spiritual' a&s,workes and duties, '6'1'; 323.0 which he is pleated to worke in themand by them, of his own good plea- i Pure: 2 MI' Gal5.22,23, C3 1Iuh.3.9, Eph, 2.10, Pet.1.22. Philip. t2,5v:i;: : 3