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Enemiesof the StsPerfeveranceconfidered C A I;. I. 55:35. be found tobe fo farte from a !fateofno danger,and litle probabilityofFalling; or only undera remote Poflibilityoffo doing,that it will appeareutterly im- pofible for them to hold out, and abideunto the end.Had the choifeft Saint ofGod, withall the Grace that hebath received, but one of the many Ene- mies, and that the weak.elt,ofall themwhich oppofe every Saint ofGod,even the feebleft, todealewithal], feparated from the Strengthof thofe Principles and Supportments, which Mr Goodwin feeketh to calf dbwne, (let him lye under continual) exhortations,to matchfulneffe,& dolewalking withGod)he may as eafily move Mountaines with his finger, or climbe toHeaven by a Ladder, as (tand before the ftrength ofthatone enemy. Adam in Paradife had noLufi within to intice him, no World under theCurie to (educe him, yet at the firft affault ofSathan,who then had nopart inhim,hefell quiteout ofcovenant with God. Pfal. 3o, 6, 7. - I (hall give one instance inone ofthe mAnyenemies , that fight againft the welfareofour foules, and ( ex hoc uno) we may guelfe at the refidueof its companions. This is indroellingfinne, whole power, and policy, ftrength and prevalency, neereneffe And trecherÿ, theScripture exceedingly fetts out and the Saints daily feele;I fhall only poynt at fome particulars. Firft concerning its Neereneffe tou$, it is indeed in srï : and that not as à thing different from us, but it cleaveth to all the facultiesofour foules ; it is an Enemy borne withus, bredupgwith us , carried about inour bofomes ; by pfal. 55, q1 nature, ourfamiliarfriend, ourguide -andcouncellor, deare tous as our right Math. 5.29, eyes ufefull asour righthand, ourwifdome, ftrength,&c. TheApoftle7. limn, 3o. I7:zo. calleth it thefinne that dwelleth in us, it Nth in us, inthe facultiesof tam.3' 15° 6: our follies its abode and fti:atiòn. It doth not pafie:by, and away, but there it . dwelles, foas that itnever goes from home, is never out oftheway, when we have any thing todoe; whencev,ai. he calls it, the evill that h prefect with him. When wegoeAbout any thing that is goodor have opportunity for, or temptation untoany thing that isevill, it is never abfent;but is ready topluck us back, ortoput uson, according as it ferves its ends ; itis fuch an Inmate, that we cannever be quit of itscompany, and fo intimate untous , that it putsforth it feele, ineveryafting ofthe mind, will, or anyother facultyofthe a h 5:263. foule. Though men would faine (hake it off, yet when they woulddoegood, oh 17.79 this evil)will be prefect with them. Then, Luk. i i. 314 2. Secondly, Its Vniverfalityandcompaffe. It is not ftraightned in acor- 3536 A$. 1; . -net ofthe foule: 'tis fpread over the whole, all thefaculties, affe&ions, and 2 Cor.6.ì4. paflions ofit. That which is a borne ofthe fell) isflefh: tis all flefh, and nothing E h 5.8. butflefb; it isDarkneffe in the2Jnclerfianding, keeping us at belt that we know ,35.5 but in "part, and are {till dull and flora of heartto believe; naturally we are all 4u. 7. Darkneffe nothing but Darkneffe, and though the Lori, fnne into ourmind, R01 2. t9. 40giveus in (ome meafure the knowledgeof his Glory in the faceof 7efus drift, t Per 2.9. yet weare frill very drake, & it is ahard work tobring in a little Light, upon Luk. 4.8. the foule; efpeciallythis is.feeu in particular pra&icáll things; though in Ge- neraIi, we have very cleare light and evi&ion,vet whenwe come toparties!- Math.s3. t6: lar A&s ofobedience. How often doth our light grow dimple and failes us, oh Ì4S'6. carding us to judge amiffe ofthatwhich is before us,by the rilingof that na- car. 4.6. turalldarkneffe, which is in us? It is perverfeneffe , ftubbornneffe, obftinacy -in the will, that carriesit with violence, todifobedience and finne. It is en- Luk.q.fs. fualityupon the Affections, bending them to the things ofthe World , aliena- Rom 64,6. ting them fromGod; It is flipperineffe in the memory, making us like leaking Rom. 7.18. veffells, that the filings that weheare of the Gofpell , doe fuddainly flip out, ieBrem.ó, t6. when as other things abide firmein the Cells and Chambers thereof. It is Gen: 6.5. fenfelefnefl'e anderrour in the Confcience, flaying it off fromthe erformance rerem''3' 3 F Heb.2.i D 3 of 2i 4. 35i