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CAr.1. :341. M` G. GroundofPerfeverance examined. zo fu or steeples,though perhaps they nevercome there) or runne into the fieror water and be burned,or drowned having the ufe of their reafon andundertiand- ing topreferve them from fach unufuall and difmall accidents ; which feemes to be an inftance ofas remote and infirme apoífibility,as can likely be ima- gened. Yea he tells youfarther (See. aa.) That the Saints haveas goodfecuritp oftheir Perfeverance, as he could haveofhie life, to whomGodfhould grant a leafe ofitforfo long upon condition that hedid not thrufi a fword through his bow- ells, or cafl himfelfe headlong down a Tower; fo that his Dotlrine indulgeth to the Saints asmuch affurance, as that ofPèrfeverance ; but only it grants them not a libertyoffinning which I prefumehis owne Confcience told him that neither theother doth. §. 34. But is this inded Mr Goodwins Do&rive? Is this all that he intendshis Ar- guments and proofs (hall amount unto? Ad populiem phaleras: orange that whenthere is not fomuch as a probabillityor danger offalling away, yet fo many, and fo Eminent Saints fhould fo fall ?-1-low feldome isit,that we heare ofwife and lober inert running into the fier throwing themfelves headlong from Towers thruflingfwords through their Dane bowels?and nothing morefre- quent then the Apofiacy ofSaints,Ifthefe things flood upon equall tearmes of Math. i3. unlikelyhood and improbability? Thefionyfield in the Parablefeemes tobe every whit as large as the good ground,whofe fruit abided). That Ground in Mr Goodwin: fence istrue Believers; fo that a moyety at leafhmull begranted to fall away, and never come to perfe&ion: Doubtleffe this is not eafy to be received, that one halfe ofá Companyofmen in fucceflion, fhouldconf?antiy from one Generation toanother, fall into ruinein fuch a way, as wherein there is noDanger ofit, or probability that it fhould fo cometopaffe. Me- thinks, we fhould fcarce dare towalke the ftreets,lealt at every fheppewe be f?ruckendowne by lobermen,voluntarily tumbling themfelvesfró the topps ofhoules, and hardlykeepeour felves from being wounded with the (words wherewith they runne themfelves through. Was this inded the cafe with David, solomon,Peter? and others who totally Apòftatized from the Faith? But if it be fo, ifthey are thus fecure,whence is it,that it doth arife? what are theFountaines,Springs and caufes of this generall Security ? Is it from the weakeneJe ofthe Oppofition, and tlightneffe of all Meanes ofdiverfion from walking with God to theEnd, that they meet withall ? Or isit from the na- ' tureof that Faith,which they have, and Grace wherewith they are indued ? Or is it that God hath gracionflyundertaken to fafegard them, andtopreferve them in their abidingwith him, that they (hall not fall away? Or is it that Chrift intercedeth for them,that their Faith faile not, but be preferved, and their Soules with it, by the Power ofGoduntothe End ? Or .fromwhatother Principle doth this Securityoftheirs arife?FromwhatFountain do the firearm oftheir Confolation Flow? Where lye the Heads of this Nibs? That it isnot upon thefirft account, I fuppofe cannot enter into the Ima- ginationofanyperfon, who ever had the leafi experience ofwalking with God, or doth fomuch as affent to theletter ofthe Scripture. How are our Enemies theredifcribed as to their Number, Nature, Power, Policy, Subtility, Malice, Re/lleffenes, and Advantages ? With what inimaginable and unex- preffiblevarietyofMeaner,Temptations,Baites,Allurements,inticements,Terrors,., Threats,doe they fight againft us?Such &fo manyare the enemies that oppofe the Saints ofGod in their abiding with him;foGreàt&,Effe&ual the Means,& weapons,wherewith theyfight againf1thé;founwearied and watchfull.are they for the improovementofall Advantages& Opportunityesfor theirruilte5 that upon thefuppofall of the Ikeje&ionof thofe Principles, and thofe meanesof oftheir Prefervation,which we (hall finde Mr Goodwin toattempt, they will be