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.Mr G. Grounds ofStsPerfeverance. Ce P. L 4:47,48- yewsin the Wilderneffe, by a Cloude and Pillar offier: which as theywere ere. 2 9 ated, and Inaituted fìgnes,ofthe prefence ofGod, fo they gave affuredprate- ölion, prefervation, and diretlion to thePeople in all their waies. The fumme ofthewhole intendment ofthe Holy Ghoff in thefe two verfes , kerning to becomprized in the tail wordsofthe Fift, and they being a fuitablembottome unto theenfuing difcourfe, comprifing as they Rand in Relation to the verfes foregoing, the wholeofmy aymè, with the way, or method wherein it may convenientlybedelivered I (hall a little ìnfift upon them : Vponall the glory (ball be adefence. Thewords area GofpellPromifé, Exprefhed inLazy termes, or aNet»-Tefta- 47. mentMercy,in Oldreitament Clothes: the fubjeeofit is, all the Glory,and the thing Promifed, is a defence over it,or uppon it. By theGlory fome take the People themfelves to be intended,who are the Glory of God, Ifa. 46. 13. In whom hewill be Glorifyed, and who are faid tobe made Glorious, v, 2. But the Pillar offer,and the Cloud leadus an other way. As the Protectionhere Promifed,mufk Anfwet the ProteEtiongivenby them ofolde; fo the Gloryhere mentioned, mull anfwer thatwhich was the Glory of that People, when they had their Prefervation and Direction from thofe Signes of theprefence ofGod,inthemida ofthem. It is very true thefigne of Gods Prefnce among them it felfe,and the Prote&ion received thereby,is fometimes calledhis glo- ry, Ezek, so. so. But here it is plainely differenced from it, that being af- terwards called a defence.That which moll frequently was called the Glory in theAncient difpenfation of God tohis People, was the Arke: when this was taken by the Philifiimr, the Wife ofPhineas calls herfonne Jchabod, and fayes the Glory k departedfrom Ifraell s Sam. 4. 2. & 22. Which the holy Ghoft mentionsagatne Pfd. 78. 61. Anddelivered his Strength into Captivity andhis Glory into his Enemies hand. The Tabernacle,or the Tent wherein it was placed ismentioned, y. 6o. He forfooke the TabernacleofShiloh the Tent which hehadplaced amongthem. And the People towhom it was given, v. 62. He gave the Peopleover alfo to the Sword. That Arke being the Glory and Strengthwhich went into Captivity, when heforfooke the Tabernacle,andgave his People to the Sword. That this Arke, the Glory of Oldwas a Tipe of Jefus Chrift(befides theend and aymeof its Inaitutton, with its ufe and place of its abode) appears from the Mercy feat or Plate ofGold that was layd upon it,which Jefes Chrift is exprefly Paid tobe Rom. 3. 35, 26. compared with Heb. so. 5. It is he who is the Glory here mentioned,not confidered abfolutely and inhis ownePerfon, but as he is made Beauty,andGlory untohis People: as he is made unto them Righteoufneffe andHolynefe according to the tenor of the Promifes infifted onbefore; and this is indeed, all the Gloryofthe Ele& rta ofGod, even the prefenceofChriawith them , as their Jollification, andSan- clification,their Righteoufnefe and Holyneffe.. The matter ofthe Promtfemade in reference to his Glory and them upon ', 48., whóm it doth abide, Is , that they (hall be a defence upon it : theword Tranflatedherea defence,comes from a root, that isbut once read inScrip- ture.Deut.33. 12. Where it isrendred tocover: The Lordfbballcover him all the day long, So it properlyfignifyes.From a Covering,to a ProteClion,ot a defence, is an eafy Metaphor, a covering being giyen for that end and purpofe. And this is the native fgnification of the word Protego, to defend by coverrng,as P36'?.8' Abimelek called Abraham the covering ofSarahs eyes, or a proteetion to her 97.1. Gen. 20.56. The Allufion alto ofa Shade,which in Scripture is fo often taken 63.7 for adefence, arifeth from hence. This word it felfe is ufed twice more, and 4201:25: in both places fignifye a Bridechamber, Pfal. s 9. 6. Joell 2. 16. From the peace, 49.2. covert,andprotection of fuch a place. The nameof the Mercyfeateisalfooftek, 3t.e." E 3 the