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Obfervations concerning theControverCy. C A P.I. 4: 51. Ìlemonftration ofthe firft Pofition, concerning the ZJnchangeablenefc of the 31 Love ofGod towards his,towhom he gives Iefws Chri_fl,for Beautyand Glory and freely accepts them inhim. Firft,as to their Inherent Holineffe,the Queftion is not concerning Als, ReS15 either as to their vigour,which may be abated, or as to theirfrequency,which 3. may be interrupted,but only as to thespirit &Habit of it which (hall neverde- Ifa. 5v 17. part:We doenot fay they cannotfinne, fall intomany finnes,great finnes,which 10s4 2 j: the Scripture plainely affirmes of all the Saints, that went before: and who 1011,14..6. ofthem living doth not this day labour under the Truth ofit ? But through the Prefence of God with them, upon fuchGrounds and Principles,as (hall Tam. 3.2. afterwards be infittedon, they cannot,flall not, fanne away the Spirit and 1 King.8. 3g, Habit ofGrace , (which without a miracle cannot be doneaway byany one 11x.64.5,6; A&, and God will not worke Miracles for the deflruttion ofhis Children,) fo as tofall into that ftate, wherein they were,before they were Regenerate, andofthe Children of God, become Children oftheDevill, tatting of the fecond Death, after they have been madePartakers of the firft Refurre&ion. Rev. 20.6. Secondly,the Queftion is not about the decay of any Grace,but the loffè of all; not aboutfickneffè andweakenefès,but about death it feife; which alone we fay, they (hall be preferved from. Neither doewe fay, that Believers are endowed withany fuch rich and plentiflill Stock ofGrace, as that they may Paa35316 fpend upon it without new fupplyes all their dayes, but grant that they ftand in continual] need ofthe renued communication of that Grace, which bath 1011.15 . 3,4s its abode and refidence in their Soules,andof that attuall Afíiftance,whereby Ám7 any thing that is trulyand Spiritually good, is wrought in them. Thirdly, loh.1.16. whereas there is a twofold Impoflibility. (Firff) that which is abfolutcly col.2.1 s and limply fo in its own nature : And (Secondly) that which is fo only upon ti i.a. 12. s fome fupofition,we fay the totall falling away oftheSaints is imppoffible only in this latterfence. The unchangeable Decree and Purpofe ofGod,his faith- full Promifes,and Oathes,the Mediationofthe Lord Jefus being in the AfTer- tion fuppofed: And Fourthly, whereas we affirme, they (hall afli redlycon- tinue unto the end, the Certainty and Affurance intimated, is not mentis but entis,notfubjeaive, but objeïtive, not alwayes in the perfonperfevering, but 1121g.14, alwayes relating to the thing it felfe. Fiftly, that the three things, formerly 11,.5.1, mentioned, Acceptance with God, Holineffe from God, and the Defence CarT5.2,6- upon them both unto the end, are that threefold corde of the Co- Peal° X1.26, venant, which cannot be broken. This will appeare, by compare- ing thofe two eminent places together, which afterwards mutt more fully be infifted on; 7erem. 3t, 34, 35. Cap. 32. 38, 39, 4o. In gene- rail God undertakes tobe their Godand that they(hall be his People,cap. 31. 3 r. cap. 32.38. And this he manifefts in three things. Firft, that hewill Accept them freely, give them to finde great Favour before him, in theforgiveneffe oftheirfinnes for which alone he hathany quarrell with them. iwiti (faith he)forgive their iniquities and remember theirfinnesno more, cap:31.34. As 'tie againe repeated, Heb.8.12. Secondly, that they fhall have fanctification and Holinefe from him,./will pat my Law in their inward parts and 'write it in their Hearts, cap, 31.33. Iwillput my flare in their Hearts, v: 4o. with Ezek. 66.67. calls the puttinghis Spirit in them , who is the Author ofthat Grace and Ho- lineffe which he doth bellow: Thirdly that in both thefe, there (hall bea continuance for ever, cap: 32.40, i will not turne awayfrom them to doe them good, andI will put my flare in their Hearts and theyfhall not depart from me; Oras n:39: They flail feareme for ever; which diftin- guifheth this Covenant from the former, made with their Fathers, in that that was broken , which this fhall never be. Cap: 21: 32: This it