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CAp.I f, 4:l,21. The fivefold foundationofthe Ses Perfeverance. 32 is the Crowning Mercy, that renders both the other glorious: As to Acceptation he will not depart from us:as to Sanctification we (hall not de- part from him. OitittittOttOta*Ittt**ttsonitA ralMIST*OVW-F6TanNVC490714 CAP.II. I. The Thejspropofed for confirmation. 2. The fivefold foundation of the Truth thereof. 3. Of theUnchangeablenefte of theNature ofGod: and the influence thereof Intothe confirmation of the Truth in hand. Mal.3.6. confidered, explained. 4. lamer 1. 76,1708. opened. 5, 6, 7,8,9,10. Rem. 11.29. Explained and vindicated. The conditions on which Grace isafferred tobebeftowed and continued, difculfed. The vanityof them evinced in fundry inflances. Of Vocation,]uftificarion,and Solidification. 71. lfa.40. 27,28,29,30.opened and improved to theend aimedat. 12. Alfo Ifa. 4.43.' 1,2.3,4,5,6,7,8.13: The fumme of the firft Argument. 14. Mal. 3.6. with the whole Argument from the immutabilityof God at large vindicated. x5, t 6. Falfely propofed byMr G. let rightand reinforced. r 7. Exceptions removed; Sophi- fticallcomparifons exploded: diftiuftdifpenfations,according to difhnlhonof a People. 19. Alteration andChange properly anddireftly affigned to God, by Mr G. 20. The Theme in Qeftionbegged by him. 21. Legal I approbation of duties , and conditional) Acceptationof Perfons confounded. As alto Gods command and purpofe. 22. The Unchangeableneflè of GodsDecrees granted tobe intended in Mal. 3.6. TheDecree direftly in that place intended. 23. The Decreeof fending Chrift not immutableupon M. G. Principles: Thedort ofthevindi, cation of thisFirft Argument. 4 x. HE Certain Infallible continuance of thé Love and Favour of God unto theend, towards his thofe whom he bath once freely accepted in Jefus Chrift, notwithftanding the interpocl'tionof any fetch fuppofalls, as-may truly be made , having, foundationin the things themfelves, being the firft thing propofed, comes now to be demonftrated. 4. 2; Now the foundation ofthis the Scripture layes upon Five unchangeable things,which eminently have an influence into the Truth thereof. (Fitft) of theNature: (Secondly) "Purpofes: (Thirdly) the Covenant: (Fourthly) the Promifes:(Fiftly) the oathofGod. Every one whereofbeing ingaged herein, theLordmakes ufeofto manifeftthe 2Jnchangeablenefeofhis Love towards thofe, whomhe bathonce gracioufly accepted in Chrift. 3 Firft he bath layd the (boulders ofthe Vnchangeablenefe of his otvne nature to this worke: ltlalac. 3.6. Iam the Lord, and i changenot: thereforeÿe ltom.9.6. sonnes of 3tacob, are not confirmed. Thefe sonnesof yacobare the Sonnesof 11.4,5,6. the Faith ofJacob, the Ifrael ofGod, not all the feed ofJacob according to thé fiefhr the Holy Ghoft in this Prophefy makes an eminent diftin&ion.betweene thefe two. Cap.3.16. Cap. 4.3,2. ThebeginingofthisChapter containes amolt evident andcleare prediction and Prophefyeofthe bringing in of theKing- domeofChrift, in the Gofpell,wherein he was topurge hisfloore, and throw Mar.3.12. out the Chafe tobe burnt: This his appearance makes greatworke in the lfa49.3,4,9, vifible Churchof the Jeta, very manyofthofe who looked andwaited for 6. that comingof his, are cut off; and cart out, as perlons that have neither R ?930, Lot nor Portion in the Mercy wherewith it is attended. Though they fayd 31. within themfelves, thatthey had Abraham to their Father, and were theChil- dren and Pofterity ofJacob: Yea v. 5. To them who areonly thecarnall feed and doe alto walke in the wayes of the fle(h, he threatens a fore Revenge, and