Owen - BT200 O97 1684

rnention~d of Arloration, Admiration, and 7hanksJ(ivin~; which are thofe acts of our minds where.. in all others do iffi1e, when the obJea is incomprehenfible.For unto them we are enabled by Grace. ONE end of his illuftrious coming unro the · Judgment of the laft day is, that he may be admired in all them that believe, 2 The[ I. I r. Eveh believers themfelves fha11 be filled w!th an 0\'erwhdming admiratioi1 upon his gloriotlS appear• a nee. Or if the meaning be, not that he fhail be admired by the1n, but admired in them, becanfe of the rnighty works of his Grace and Power in their redemption, f~nctificatjon,refurrettion and glory., it is to the fame pnrpofe, he comes to be arlmired. And accord~ngto the pro{pett which we have of that glory, o11ght our admiration to be. · AND this Admiration will ifllw in Adoratio1t and Thanksgi·ving ; whereof we have an. eminent inftance ahd examp:e in tbe whole Church of the Redeemed, Rev. 5'· 9, r o, !'I, r 2, I j, 14. They fang a new fo"ziJ:., j~yi1zg, ];florthy art thou to rec_eive the book, m·t:l to open the: [eals thereof: for thcu 1vajf .Jlain, and haft bought ZJS 11nto God by thy b!oocl, out of every tribe, aml tongue, and people, and nation, and haft made 11J kings andpri~fl:.s unto God, ant! ·we jhall reirr.n upon· the earth. Anrl I Jam and hearrl tbe vuice of many angels Tound about the throne, and of tl. e lzv ·ng creatures; and of the elders , and the number of them 1vas ten thouj"and times ten thou/and, mul thoufonds of ·thou{ands, (aying with a !ot{d v.?ice, J,f/orthy i.f the La,mb that 1vas Jlain, to receive pc1vet, . and riche·.r,anrl;wifdom,and fhength; and honour, ana glory; and blej/i1tg ; and ever:y creature that is m heaven, and in the earth, and tmdt:r the earth, ancl . F ~M