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7 4 Meditation! and DifcourfeJ fednels. The humane Nature of Chrift himfelf in Heaven is not fo ; it lives in God~ and God in it, in a full dependance on God, and in receiving bleffed and glorious Communications from him. No rational Creature, Angel or Man,can do, think, act any thing, but it is all to add to their perfe(l;i~ on,and fatisfaction, they are not Self-fufficient .God alone wants nothing, ftands in need of nothing, nothing can be added unto him, feeing hegi'Vetb unto all life and breath, and all things, ACt. I 7. 2). The whole Creation in all its excellency cannot contribute one mite unto the fatisfaction or blef- !ednefs of God. He hath it all in Infinite Perfetl:i~ on from himfelfand in his own Nature; our good~ nefs extends nQt unto him ; ~ man ~annot profit God, as he may profit his neighbour. If thou jinneft, 'Jvhat doft thou againft him? and if thy tranfgrej]ions are multiplied, what doft thou unto him? (God lofeth nothing of his own felf-fufficiency and bleffednefs therein, by all this ) and if thou be righte~ ous, what givejf thou unto him, or what receirr:eth. he _at thy hand ? Job . ~5'· 6, 7, 8. And from hence alfo it follows that all Gods concernment in the Creation, is by an act of Condefcention. HOW glorio,us then is the Condefcention <?f the Son of God ·in his Sufception of the Office of Media~ tion? For if fuch be the perfection of the Divine Nature, and its diftance fo abfolutely Infinite from the whole Creation, and if fuch be his felf...iilffi- · ci.ency unto his own Eternal Bleffednefs, as that nothing can be taken from him, nothing added unto him, fo that every regard in him unto any pf the Creatures, is an act of Self-Hul!liliation and Con..