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7~ Meditations and Difcourfes '2Vith God. For in his fo fayirtg, he afcribed nnt@ 11 imfelf e-qual Power with the Father, as··unto aU Divine Operations ; My father, faith he, worket~ hitherto, and I"lvork, Joh. )· I 7, I 8. And they by w~hom ,his Divine Nature is denied, do .caft this C,ondefoentirxz of Chri(f quite out ·0f otlr Re~ ~igion, as that which hath no Reality or Subftc:n>1ce in it. But \\=e JhaH (pe~k ,of them after- . ~wards. J3EING in this ·ftate, ids faid that 'he took on him the form ef a fervant, andwasfound in fafhion 4J a mrm, ver. ·7. This is his Condefcention. It is r1ot fa. id, tha.t be cea~d to be in .the ,For.m ·of God; but contin;u~ng fo to .be, l1e took on him the form of .a Ser·vam .i n our Natu12e : He became ·what he ~:uas nor, b~lt he ceafed not to be what he was ~fo he tefl!fierh of himfell, Joh. 3· I~· No man hatb ,afi~ended up irJto heaven , but he that came do,wrp j'rmn heaven, the Son of ;11av which is in heavert .. Alrho he was then <;>n Earth as the Son of n1an ; yet he ceafed not to be God thereby .; In his Divine Nature he was then alfo in Bea- ''ei:~. HE who is God, can no more .be 71J.ot God, than l1e who is not God can be.Gorl : And our djiference {t{ich the Socinians herein · i~, w.e bdkve that Chrift being God., was,fl.lade man fQf our fakes ; they fay0 .that being only a man, he was made a Gcd fo:r his ' .own fake. · · TH!S then is the, foundation of th;e Glory of Cbrift in this Conqefcemion, th~ Life and Soul 0f all Heavenly Truth and Myfteries; namely, d::u the !:.'on rf God becoming '.in tin:,e to be what l1£" was nor, tne Sw of ln{I!'J ; ~eafed not the~eby · to