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ttn t'he Glory of Chrifl. i1 ro be·what he was, even the Eternal Son of GoJ..l ' Wherefore, 2. MUCH lefs did this' Condefcenti'on confiftin the C~nverjion ~f the Divine Nature into the Hu'- mane, which was the In1agination of fume of the Arians of old:, and we- have· yet (to · my .own · knowledg ) fame that follow• them in the fame Dotage. They fay that the WOrd 1vhich was in the Bey)nning, by which all things were made, being in it felf an effect of the Divine Will and PoweiT,. was in the fulnefs of time turned into fiejh ; that· i:s, the Su~ftance of it was fo, as the l¥ater in the Miracle wrought by our Sav.iour, was turned into Wiue; for by an act of the Divine Power m Chrift it ceafed to be Water fubftantially, and ~vas Wine only; not Water mixed with Wine: So the!e mt?n fu ppofe ·a Sub{f.mHial Change of the one N ature intv the other, of the Divine Natt1re into the humane; like what the Papifts imagine in thei.r Tran[ubftantiation : So they fay God was made man, his Effence· being turned 'into · that ·of a man. BUT this no·way belongs uriw the .COiidefcen..: tion of Chrift. ·We may call it Ichabod, it hath no Glory . in it. It deftroys both his Natures, and leaves him a Perfon in whom we are not concerned. For according unto this Imagination, that Divine Nature wherein he was in the Form of ·God, did in its own Formceafe to ·be, yea was ut· terly deftroyed, as being fubftantially changed into the Nature of man ; as the l¥ater did ceafe to be, when it w;;rs· turned into Wine ; and that liu, mane Nature.which was made thereof, hath no . Alliance or Kinqred unto us, or our natm;e, feeing. it