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92 Aieditations and DifcourfeJ 3· THE Fruits or Ejfefls. of it are inconcei· _vable ACts of Love. It is by multiplied Ads of ~ove, that it is made effectual, .John 3· 16. 1erem. 3 I. )4 • Eph. I. i' 4, ), 6. I John 4· 8, 9, 16. . . T,HIS is the Eternal Spring which is derived UJ~· . to the Church, through the Mediation of Chrift. Wherefore that which put ail the Defign of this Eternal Love of the Father into Execution, and :wrought out the Accomplifhment of it, was the Love of the Son, which we enquire after; and Light maybe given unto it in the enfulngObferva- - tions. · I. THE whole Number or Society of the Elect,were Creatures made in the Image of God, and thereby in a State of Love with him. All ~hat they were, had, or hoped for, were effects of Divine Goodnefs and Love. And the Life of their Souls was Lo"(e unto God. And a blefied State it was, preparatory for the Eternal Life cf. Love in Heaven. 2. FROM this State they fell by fin, into a ftate of Enmity \1\!ith God ; which is cornprehenfive of all Miferies, Temporal and Eternal. 3· NOTWITHSTAND1NG this woful Catafrrophe of, onr firft ftate, yet our Nature on many Accounts was recoverable umo the En· joyment of God, as I have at large elfewbere de· dared. · ·· · · ·. 4.. IN this Condition, t11e firft AB of Love in t Chrift towards us, was in Pity and Compaj]ion. A Cream re made in the Image of God, and fallen into l\1ifery1 yet capable of •Recovery·, is the pro- . . per