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on the Glory of Cbrifl.) 93 , per ObjeCt o,f Divine Compaffion. Tha't which is fo celebrated in the Scripture, as the Bowels, the Pity, the Co.mpajfion of God, is the aCting of Divine Love towards us, on the confideration of our Diftrefs and Mifery. But all Compaffion ceafeth ' towards them whofe condition is irrecover~.ble,. Wherefore the Lord Chrift pitied not the A;~gels that fell, becaufe their Nature was not to be relieved. Of this Compaj]ion in Chrift, fee Heb. 2. J 4, I 5, 16. Ifa. 63. 9· · 5· AS then we lay under ~he Eye of Chrift in our Mifery, we were the ObJeCts of his Pity and Compajfion : But ::ts he looketh on us as recoverable 6ut of that ftate, his Love worketh in and by De· lie:,ht. [It was an inconceivable' Delight unto him to take a profpect of the deliverance of mankind unto the Glory of God, which is alfo an act· o,f Love, fee this divinely expreffed,Prov. 8. 3 o, 3 1 ; as that place hath been elfewhere explained. 6. IF it be enquired, whence this comp_ajJion and delight in him fhonld arife, what fhonld be the caufe of them ; that he who was eternally bleffed in his own felf fufficiency fhould fo deeply concern hirnfelf in our loft forlorn Condition ? I fay it did fo , merely from the Infinite Lorc;e andGoodnefs of his own Nature,without the leaft procuring inducement from us, or any thing in us, I Pet. i· 16. 7. IN this his Readinefs, \iVi1lingnefs and Delight, fpringing from Love and Compaffion, the council of God concerning the way of our Reco~ . very, is as it were propofed unto him. Now this was a 2vay of great difficulties and P.erplexiries5untohimfelf; that is, umo his Perfon as it was to be con-