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if3' hath Communications from God , iri , Glofi011~ Light, Lov~. ' and Power, ineffably above rhein all. But it is fi:ill a Creature. . . FOR the Su~flance of this Glory of the Humane Nature of Chrifi:, believers fhall be made Partakers df.it ·; For when we fee him as he t.s, Wet fhall be like him : but. as UntO the degrees . and meafures or it, his Glory is above an that we car1 be made partakers of: There is one glory of the fun, another of the moon andftars, and one jfr1r differeth from anothe~· in Glory, as the Apoftle fpeaks, I (or. 1 5'· 45'· And if there be a difference in Glory among the Stars themfelves as to fome d_e- . grees of the faq1e Glory ; How mt1eh more is there between the Glory of the Sun and that of any Stm: whatever? Such is the difference that is and will be unto Eternity between the Hhrhane _Na;ure of Chrifr, and what glorified Believers do attain unto. But yet tl-is is not that properlywhei·e~ in the Glory of Chrifr in his Exalta·tion after hi§ Humiliation and Death, cloth confifr. The Things that belong unto it may be reduced unto the Ertfuing Heads. ' \ 1. iT confift:eth in the Exaltation ot the Htt.. mane Narure, as fitbfifiing in the Divine Perfon a.. bove the whole Creation of God in Power, Dignity~ Authority and Rule, witha11 things that the W1fdom of God hath appointed to render the glory of it illuftrious. . I have fo largely infifted on the Explicatiqn and Confirmation of this part of the prefent Glory of Chrift, in the Expofition of He b. r. over. 2~ 3 ; that I have nothing more to add thereunto. ·