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It 4 M editatio»s rmd Difi·ourfes • 2. IT doth fo irt the Evidence gi-ven · of the Irifimte Lo ..ve of God lh3 Father unto him, and hi:, delight in him, with the Eternal Approbation of his d:fchatge of the Office committed unto him. Hence he is fa id to fit at the right hand of God, or at tlie right hand of the ;Haje(fy on high.. That the Glory and Dignity of Chrifl: in his Exaltation is Jirgniar , the higheft that can be given to a Creature incomprehenfible ; that he is with refpect tinto the Difcharge of his Office, under the Eternal Approbation of God ; that as fo glorioufiy exalted, he i3 proclaimed unto the whoie Creation, are all co;ltained in this Expreflimi . . 3· HEREUNTO is added the.·fall Manifeflation of his own Divine Wifdom, Love and Grace in: the work of Mediation and Redemption of the Church. This Glory is abfolutely fingular and peculiar unto him. Neither Ar~gels or Men have the leafl: In.terefi: in it. Here we fee it darkly as in a Glafs ; Above, it fhines forth in its br'ightnefs to the Eternal Joy of them who behold hirn. THIS is that Glory which our Lord Jefus Chrift in an efpecial manner prayetl that his Difciples might behold. This is that whereof we ought ro· endeavour a profpect by Faith. By Faith 1 fay, and not by Imagination. Vain and foolilh men ha\'ing general Notions of this Glory of Chrift, knowing nothing of the real Nature of it, have endeavoured ro reprefent it in Pictures and Imaf.es with all that Lufi:re and Beauty with the art of Painting , with the Ornaments of Gold and Jewels, can give unto them. This is that Reprefentation of the prefent Glory of Chrift, whiclt being made and p.ropofed unto the Imagination ~ ~d