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on and carnal Affections of fuperftidoi1~ Perfohs car7 tieth fuch a !hew of Devotion and Veneration irl ~he Papal Church. Eo~ they err not knowing. the Scripture nor the Eternal Glory of the Son of God. , , THIS is the foie Foundation of all our Meditations herein. The Glory that the . Lotd Je~ fus Chrill is in the i·eal aCtual Poffeffion of iri Heaven, can bti I)O otherwiff feen or apprehend~ ~d in this worldJ but in the Light of Faith, fixing it felf on Divine Revelation. To behold this Gloi·y of Cbrift is riot an aCt of Fancy· or Imagination., It cloth not confift inframing unto our {elves the fhape of a (iloriot1s Perfon i1i Heaven. But the fteady exercife ·of Faith on the Reyclation,. and Dejcriptio~z made of this Glory of .Chrift in the Scripti.rre, is the Grotrnd , Ru)e and Meafi1re of all Divine Meditations thereoii. . HEREON our duty it is, to call our fel"-·es to . an Account~ as llntO Otlr endeavour after a GtatibtlS View of this Glory of Chrifl: :0 When did we fted~ fjfl:Iy behold it? When had we fuch a View of i~ as wherein our fouls have 'been fatisfied' and re~ frefhed ? lr is 4edai:ed and reprefented unto tls as one of the chief Props of our Faith, as an help of our.Joy, as an object of otlf Hope, as a ground of om~ Confolation, as ottt greateft encourage.. ment unto obedience and filflering. Are our minds every day converra·m With thoughts here.: of? Or do we think our felves notmtich concern- -ed herein ? Do we look u'pon it, as that which is Without Usandabove Lfs, as that which We fuall b~ve time enough to confid~r when we come td Heaven? so· i~ it Wirh'111any. They care neither I ~· where