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Qn the Glory of Chrift. J 37 ~r an Husband unto~ unregener:a~~;, pnfantl:ified j i1nbelievers, whilft they continue fo to be: And fi1ch was the ftare of the whole Church when Chrifi:..fuifered for us, Rom. 5' . S. Eph. 2. ; • 1 h~r~ ·was therefore np fbch Myftical CcnjunBion between hiin and the Chu rch, as to rend~r it meet and equal that h~ :fhould fuffer in its ft~a~ . Vl/ herefore the Church is the Ejfr: ff of the Wur fe of Redemption,that which rofe out of it, whichwas .made and conftitnted by it ; and cannot be fo th~ ·objeff of it, as that which was to be redeemed by yertue of an anteced~nt Conjunction with it. I an- .f.wer, I ·. ALTHOl.!GH this Myftica! Conjun8ion i~ .not actually confilmmate without an a<ftual Participation of the Spirit of Chrift : yet the Church of the Elect was defigned antecedently unto all his fufferings, to be his Spoufe and Wife, fo as that he might love her and fuffer for her; fo it i~ faid, Ho[. I 2. I 3· Jfrael fervedfor a wife, and for a 1vije he kept jheep, Howbeit, fhe was not his married wife, until after h~ h~d ferved for her, and thereby purchafed her to ~e hil> wife ; yet as he ferved for her, fhe is called his ltP"ife, becaufe of his Love unto her, and beca1:1fe {he was fo de · figned to be upon his fervice. · So was the Church defigned to be the Spoufe of Chrift in the Counfel of Goa, W.her~on he loved her, atld g~v~ himfelf for her. · ",, · HENCE inthe workofRedempti<:>ntheChurch ~as the Objeff of it as defigned to be the-spoufe 9f Chrift , and the Ejj'eff of it, inafmuch as that · tqereby it w.as lJ1ade meet f()r the fu11 confumma- ~ion of th;lt Allian'e; as the Apoit1e ~x.prefi,y ' " ··· ' · · · · · - de-