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Ij--g '· Meditations and Difcourfes declares, f_ph. 5'· 2), 26, 27. · 2. ANT~CEDENTLY unto all that the Lord Chrift did and fi1ffered for the Church, there was a fi1pream act of the Will of God the Father, givi11g all the Elecr unto him, entrufting them with him, to be ! redeemed, fanctifie d and faved ; as bimfelf declares, Joh. I 7· 6, 9· Chap. I o. 14, I), r 6. And on thefe Grounds this Myftical . Conjunction between Chrift and.the Church bath its vertne and effic;acy before it be actually confi.lmmate. · 5· THERE is a fcederal Conjtmncrion between diftinct Perfons: And as this is varions according umo the variety' of the Interefts a~'d Ends of them that enter into it ; fo that is m oft eminent, where one by the common confent of all that are concerned, undertakes to be- a Sponfor or Surety for others, to do and anfw~r what on their part is required of them for "training the ends of the eo.. venant. So did the Lord .Chrifi: undertake to be Sure~y of the new Covenant in behalf of the Church, Heb. 7. 2 2 ; and -thereon tendred himfelf unto God to do and fi1ffer for them, in their ftead, and on theit . behalf, whatever was required, that they might be fanctified and faved.Thefe things I have treated of at large elfewhere, as . containining a great part of the Myftery of the Wifdom of God in the Salvation of the Church. ' Here therefo~e I do. only obferve that this is that 1'whereby the Myfficar Confunflion that was be.. tween Chrift and die Church,whereon it was meet : ju{f and equal iti the fight of God, that what he ~ did and fh'ffered ,lhould be imputed unto us, is compleated. THESE