Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrifl. 139 THESE are fome of the foundations of· that Myffery of tran{mitting thefins of the Church as unko the guilt and punifhment of them fro~ the finners themfelves unto another every way mno- ' 'cent pure and righteous in himfeif, which is th~ Life, Soul and Center of all S~ripture Revelations. And herein is he exceedingly Glorious, and precious unto them that believe. No heart can conceive, no Tongue can exprefs the Glory of thrill: herein. Now becaufe his Infinite Condefcenfion and Love herein have been fpoken to before, l fball here only mftance its Greatnefs in fame of its Effects. I. IT fhines forth in the Exaltation ·of the Righteoufnefs of God in the forgi<Venefs, of fins. ·There is no more adequate conception of the Divine -Nature, tpan that of :Juftice in Rule ·and Government. Hereunto it belongs to punifh fin according unto its defert: And herein confifred the firft flCl:ings of God as the Governour of the Rational Creation ; They did fo in the Et~rnal punifhment pf the Anj!;els that finned, and the cafting of A• d:tm out of Paradife, an .Embleme alfo of everlafi:- ing Ruin. Now all the Church, all the Elect of God~ are fini1ers: They were fo in Adam; they have been and are fo in thenifelves. What cloth become the J uftice of God to do thereon? Shall it difmifs them all unpunifhed ? Where then is that Juftice which fPared not 'the Angels who finned !JOr e/.1 dam at the firft? Would this procedure have any confonancy thereunto , Be reconcilable unto it ? Wherefore the Eftabliibment of the Righteoufnefs of God ·on the· one hand, and . . ili~