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1 5~ MeditationJ and Difcourfes as th~ only eternal Spring of all thefe things; ilnd a]fo his inef[tble glorious Exiflence in thr~e · Perfons) by the order of the communication of thefe things unto the Church , which are originally from his N'lture. And herein . is the glorious tn1th of the Blej]ed Trinity, which by fame is oppofed, by tome negleQed, by moft looked art 'as that which is fo much aboye them, as that it doth not belong unto them, maqe precious unto them that believe, and become-s die Foundation o(their faith and Hope. · In a view of tht; glorious ·order of thofe· Divine Communicati- - ons, we are in a fteady contemplation of the ineffi b1e Glory of the exiftence of the Narure of God in the Three dttbnCl Perfonv .of father, Son and Holy Ghoft. ' · 7··· ACCORDING unto this dh;ine Order the ~1ec:t in allAges are by the Holy Spirit moving and ~·aing· on ~hat mafs of th,; new C_reati&n, · formed and animated with fpiritual Life, Light,Grace anq Power · unto the Glory of ·God. They are not called accidentally a~cording unto the exte:r~ hal occ.afions and caufes·df their converfion unto 'God ;. but in every age at his own time and fea- {bn ',- the Holy Spirit ·communicates thefe things urito them, in th~ order qeclared unto the· Glory t-.lf God. ' · · · · 8. AND in the fame manner is the whole new credtian preferved every day: every mo~ ment there is vital power and ftrength, mercy and ·grace, communicated in this Divine Order to all believers in the world. There is a conti~ nual influence from the Fountain, fi-'om the head, ·· ·· · · into