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into all the members, whereby they all ccnjiff in him, are atl:ed by him,. who worketh in i1s both to will and to du of hiS:mvn goorl pleaf ure:and tbe A po'- ftle declares that the whole confiirution ofChur(border is ft1ited as an external · infirument to promote thele Divine communications, unto all the members of the church it !elf, EJh. 4· 1 3, .i4, I;, I6. · THIS in general is the Order of Divine Communications, which is for the fubfi:ance of it continued in ·Heaven, and fhall be (o unto Eternity ;· For God is, and ever will be, all and in all. But at prefent, it is invifible unto eyes of flefh, yea, the reafon of rr>en. Hence 1t is by the moft defpifed, ' they tie no glory in it : Bt1t let us confider the prayer of the Apoftle, that it may be otherwife with us, Ephc{ I. I 6, I 7, Is; I 9' 20, 2 I, 22, 2 3· For the Revelation made of the Glory of God in the old creation , -is exceeding irrferior to that which he make.s of himfelf in ·the New. . . . ·HAVING premifed thefe ' things in general concerning the Glri ry of dicvine Communications, I fhall proceed to. declare in particular , the grounds and way whereby the Lord Chrifl: communicates himfe?f, and therewithall all . the ·benefits of his Mediation , unto them that . do believe~ as it. w~s before propofed. WE on our patt are faid herein to receive him, and that by Faith, John i. I I, 1 2. Now where he is received by us, he muft be tendred, given, granted, or communicated unto us. And this he is by fome divine atl:s of the Father, and fome · of his own. THE'