Owen - BT200 O97 1684

I 52· lttJeclitatiotu and ]Jifcmtr[es THE foundation of the whoie is laid in a So- \'eraign ACt of the \.V ill, the Pleafure, the Grace of the Father. Arid th!s is the order and method of all Divine Operations in the wav and work of grace. They originally proceed all from him;and .Paving effeCted rbeir ends,do return,refi: and c,:enter in him again, fee Ephef r. 4, 5, 6. \iVherefore that Chrift i~ made onrs, that he is commtinicated unto us, is or1ginal1y fi-om the free ACt, Gram and Donation of the Father, r Ccr. 1. 3o. Rom. 5· I), 16, I 7· And hereunto fundry things do concur. As ( r.) His Eternal Purpofe which he purpofed in him!elf to glorifie his Grace in all _ his Elect, by this comn)unication of Chrifi;, and rhe ·benefits of his .Mediation unto them, which the Apoft:le declares at large, Ephef r. ( 2.) His .f. u mting all the EleR unto Chrifl ro b~ his own, f<J -to do and fhffer for them what was amecedane· onf1y neceffary unto the actual commtmicarion of himfelf unto them. Thine ther were~ and thotJ y,wvrft them to me; ]oh. I 7· ( 3.) The giving ofthe ·m·omi{e, or the conftirution of the Rule and Law ~)f rbeGofpel, whereby a participation ofChrift, m1 '1ntereft in him and all that he is, is made over and aifnred tlnto beJie\'ers, Jch. I.· r 2. 1 J-oh: r_. 1, 2, j. (4.) An A[t of .Afm~~bty Power, working 3nd creating Faith in tbe fo11ls of the Elect, enabling them to receive Chrifi: fo e·xhibited and ·communicated unto ibem by the Gofpel, Ephej: 1. 19 , '2.o. Chap. 'l. ) , 6, 7, R. THESE things which I have but named, have an Influence into the glory of Cbrifi: herein~ For this communication of him unto the Churc,b, is .a:-1 dfe[t of the eternal Cgun!el, \~hfdom, Grace and