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on the Glory of Chrift. l"53 ' and Power of the Father. BUT they are the ACfJ of Chr~ft himfdf herein, which principally we enquire into, as rhof~ which manifeft the Glory of his \Vi!Clom, Love and Condefcention. AND r. He gives and comml1nicates unto them his holy Spirit ; the holy Spirit as peculiarly his, as granted unto hi;n of the Father, as inhabiting in h:m in all fulnefs. This Spirit a· · biding origi'J!l'tlly as to his per(on, and immeafur~~ bly .. as unto his effects and operations in himfelf, he gives unto all believers ro inhabit and abide iq them alfo, Joh. r4· r41 '2:, 0. r Cor. 6. I 6, I 7· Rom. 8. 8. Hence follows an irufa ble Unio1~ between him and them. For as in hi s Incarnation he took our Nature into per!onal Union with his own; , fo herein he takes our Per(o ns into a My(licalUnion with himfelf. Hereby he becomes ou rs, and we are his. .AND herein is he unfpea~ably Glorious. F<-:r thts .rv1yftery of the Inhabitatzon of the fame fptr-ir in him as the head, an~ th~ Church as his body, animating the wole, is a tranfcendent effect of Divine \VifOom. There is nothing of this namre in the whole Creation befides ; no fuch Union,no fuch mutual Communication. The ftri et:efr Unions and Relations in nature are but fhadows o f it : Eph~j. 5· 25, 26, 27, 28 , 29, 3o, 31 , 32. Herein alfo is the Lord Chrift vrecious u nto t hem tha t. do beljeve·, but ajhne of _(l~{mbliny,, ar.d a rock of offence unto the difobed iem. This glorious ineffable effect of his \Mifaom and Grace, t his r are, pe~nliar, fingular way of the cornm un i c~~ti- · on