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i 54 ·Meditations· and Difcourfe.r <>n ofpimfe]f .unto the church, is by . many defpifed: · They know, it may be, fome of them; what it is to be joyned unto an harlot fo as to be- · .come one fiefh, but what it ·is to be joyned unto the Lotd fo as to become one · fpirit, rhey know not. But this principle and fpring of the Spiritual Life of the church, and of all "Xital fpirit~1al · motions towards God ~ and Things heavenly., wherein, and whereby our iife is hit{ J!!ith Chrifl in, Gotl, is the Glory., the Exaltation, the Honour, the Security of the church unto the praife of the Grace of God. The underftanding of it in its Caufes, Effetts,Operarion&and Priviledges where.:. with it is accompanied,is to be p"eferred above al! the Wifaom in, and of rh~ world.: · 2 HE thus communicates himfelf unto us, by the Formation ~f a ne7v Nature, his OtYn nature in us ; fo as that the very fame fpiritual nature is in him, and in the ehurch. Only . 1t is fo with. this difference, that in him it is in tHe a~folute perfection of aU thofe glorious Graces wherein it doth confifl:; in 'the church it is in various meajures and elegrees, according, .as he ,is pleafed to communicate it. But thefome Di·vine Natur·e it is, that is in him and us ; for through the pre,- cious promifes of th~ Gofpel, ~e are made parudu:r,s of his Divine Nature. It ts not enough for ns, that he hath taken our nature to be his, un1efs he gives us alfo his nature to be ours ; that is, implants in our fouls all thofe gracious qualifications, as unto the effence and filbftance of . them, wherewith he himfelf in his humane na~ure is endued. This is that ne7v man, that new Creature that Dh.:ine Nature , that Spirit, wh ich is born of the