Owen - BT200 O97 1684

thefpirit, that Transformation into the Image of Chrift, that putting of him on, that workmanfuip of God, whereunto in him we are created, that the Scripture fo fully teftifieth unto, .'Joh. 3. 6. Rom. 6. 3, 4, ;, 6, 7, 8. 2 Cor. 3· 18. Chap. 5'· I 1· Ephef 4· 20~ 24. 2 Pet. I. 4· AND that new Heavenly Nature which is thus · formed in Believ.ers, as the ·firft vital act of that Union which is berween ,Chrift and them by , the Inhabitation of the fariae fpirit, is peculiarly his nature. For both is it fo as it is in him the Idtea and the exemplar of it 'in us, inafinuch as we are predeft:inated to be conformed unto his Image; <md as it is wrought or produced in our fouls by an emanation f P~:rwer, Vertue, and Efficiency from hiin. THIS is amoft Heavenly Way of the communication of himfelf unto us, wherein of God he is made unto us Wifdom and Sanrfijication. Hereon he fays of his Church, Thi1 now is bone of my bo1-1e and fief!? of my Jlefh ; I fee my felf.my own Nature in them, whence they are comely and defirable. Hereby he' makes way to prefent it to himfelf a J!.lorious Church, not having fpot or wrinkle,or any fuch thing, but holy and without blemifu. On this ·communication· of Chrift umo us by the forming of his own nature in us, depends a11 the purity) the beaury, the ho1inefs the inward Glory of tbeCburch. Hereby is it really, fubfiantially ~nternally feparated trom the world, and dtftingu ifhed fi·om all others, who in the outward forms of things, in the profeffion and duties of Rel igion feem robe the fd.me with them. Here, by it becomes the JirJ1 fruits of the Creaticn unto God,